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I had the best facial ever

When I was about 14 or 15 my Aunt took me to a fancy Newbury Street salon for my first facial.  It was dark and womb-like and all the products smelled like flowers and strawberries.  I was hooked…and have been addicted to treatments and products ever since.

As I have aged, however, I have become more particular and snooty about who can handle my skin and what products will grace my bathroom counter.  Overly scented is out.  Too many hard to pronounce ingredients – forget it.  Is the price over priced to make you think it’s actually going to transform you…yes, you department store hog, I’m talking to you…

When I was introduced to The Lift Lab I was a bit skeptical.  I thought I had heard this story before…plant based ingredients intended for medical purposes end up being randomly used on the skin by a female scientist and presto, her skin is glow-y and youthful forever more.  But the difference here is The Lift Lab products actually DO transform your skin.

I spend way too much time in the sun and on airplanes.  While it’s hard to boo-hoo my lifestyle, my skin is paying the price, and it seemed like every day my skin was a bit more dehydrated and blotchy, and my under-eye circles were no longer attributed to lack of sleep.

Promising to target and repair fine lines, deep wrinkles, sun damage and uneven skin tone, the Lift & Repair Treatment Serum has done just that.  The dark spots aren’t quite as dark, I don’t get nearly as sensitive to the sun as I used to, I swear those creepy lines along my brow are less creepy, and the best side effect has been that my sun block seems to work better, and longer.



Impressed with the serum, I dug a bit deeper into my budget and splurged on the eye cream.  I have a confession to make…I never used eye cream in the past.  I just slathered whatever was going on the rest of my face into the eye area and called it a day.  Big mistake. Eye cream is a blessing.  The Lift Lab Lift & Firm Eye Cream is a miracle worker.  It’s not gooey or heavy and I don’t have to wait half a day to wait for it to be absorbed into my skin.  I have been keeping the jar of The Lift Lab eye cream in my bag and dabbing it on at random intervals during the day.  I feel brighter and, dare I say it, more radiant.  In the mornings my eyes aren’t as puffy and I swear my dark circles are going away.


It was only a short time before I went all in, using the cleanser as well.  The Lift Lab Cleanser is like a skin care home run.  It hydrates, exfoliates, nourishes, helps shrink pores (I’m not kidding), oh, yeah, and it cleans too. While I’m still devoted to my Clarisonic, when I forget to pack it the Lift Lab Cleanser picks up where my Clarisonic leaves off and gets the job done.  Better, actually.


For the ultimate indulgence you must try a LiftLab facial.  This luxurious treatment is customized to your particular skin type and issues, and features all the skin care components of The Lift Lab line; cleansers, toners, moisturizers and serums.  Available exclusively (for now) at Vaiani & Clarke Salon in Newton Center, MA, the facial will make you look and feel like you just had an infusion of radiance.  Normally sensitive to being bare faced, I spent the ensuing 24 hours flaunting my clean and vibrant skin all over town.  Even my teenage daughter told me I looked pretty!

photo3The other morning my BF and I were chatting in bed and he looked at me and said “you look younger than when we first met…”  Part of me thinks it’s the relationship, but truthfully, I think it’s the Lift Lab products…!

All Lift Lab products are available at a discount on for a limited time only. Gloss48 is the perfect site for the beauty junky– you can find amazing products at fantastic prices.   Be sure to check out the Gloss48/betterafter50 Spring Giveaway Promotion!

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