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use it or lose itSex therapists have known for decades a secret that can make sex much better for women after menopause.  So why is such a simple sexual solution such a secret?

“Good question!” says Dr. Petra Zebroff, as she describes how this particular secret was discovered decades ago and still is not widely discussed – until now on Bloom Enjoy Yourself (Bloom).

“Women lose a certain elasticity and plumpness to their vaginal walls after menopause. The drop in hormones (mainly estrogen) causes the walls to become thin and less elastic.  This newly delicate skin can make intercourse, or any vaginal play, uncomfortable and even painful for 45% of menopausal women.  And once a woman has a few painful sexual encounters her libido will often plummet too.  This can become a dangerous cycle leaving women confused and sexless.”

Doctors have proposed hormones to help with this issue.  Extra estrogen can be applied locally to the vagina with fingers or by inserting an estrogen ring. But that’s not always a perfect solution as it tends to be messy, intrusive and expensive.

What is surprising is that research was unveiled three decades ago describing a much more simple, practical, free, non-intrusive and, above all a “pleasurable solution” to building up the walls of the vagina. And yet, for some reason, it has not been not widely discussed.

When Bloom’s founder Jillian Bice discovered this practical solution, it became her mission to let the world know about it. “I love simple solutions to big problems! And when it’s something as important as women’s sexual health, we’ve got to stick together and support each other,” says Jillian.

Bloom affectionately calls this “Use It Or Lose It” solution The Bloom Method.   And it’s exactly what it sounds like – using the vagina by stimulating its walls with a penis (in intercourse) or a dildo can help maintain a healthy, plump and vital vagina.

The friction tells the body that you are still using that part of the body, thank you very much!  Like muscles, when a body part is used, it will be kept vital. When we don’t use a body part it withers, losing its shape and usefulness. Instead, “using” the vagina sends a message to the brain to provide nutrients and hormones to nourish the pelvic area.

Simple “sexual arousal” also plays a part.  Blood-flow in the pelvis skyrockets during sexual arousal bringing nutrients and oxygen to the vagina, labia and clitoris contributing to the health and vitality of the pelvis. Bloom also reports that the Bloom Method is believed to be a longer-lasting and “much more pleasurable” solution than any alternative.

To make it easy for women to use the Bloom Method, Bloom is recommending the best products to help women keep their vaginas plump and vital as they move through menopause.  “Dildos that are slimmer and that have a certain flexibility are ideal,” says Dr. Zebroff.  “But don’t stop at dildos. Any toy that increases your arousal (including erotica and pornography) can serve the same purpose.  Find out more about menopausal products on Bloom Enjoy Yourself.

The Bloom Method is a win-win solution that is not a secret anymore!

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