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mariwear discount for ba50sLauren Hutton once said ‘Fashion is what you’re offered four times a year by designers…style is what you choose.”  Style influences how we “fit” in to our world and how you present yourself as you, work, exercise, travel, mother and relate to your significant others, to name a few roles we women fill.

Fashion designers set the pace for trends and style –and this fall is no different.  The word is out that are going to see a return of high-waist pants.  Skirts will be worn a few inches below the knee this year and the shoe bootie is the “it” shoe of the season to have in your closet – maybe even in a few colors.  On the trend circuit, black paired with white in color block or print is being talked about a lot this fall,  Leather and fur trim are the detail of choice on the new designs of the season.

Trends are great to know about but can often create a feeling that puts our own self-assurance at risk if showing up in the latest style featured in Women’s Wear Daily makes you feel all wrong.  Being comfortable in your style is the key to capturing confidence.

There is however, one style for Fall that is season-less, always in demand and can’t be purchased at any particular boutique – your self-confidence.  In fact, feeling good about how you look is the most refreshing thing on the runway.  While for some of us being “on trend” is somewhat important, for all of us, how we look when we are doing what we do is a recurring theme.

If only we could ALWAYS have something to wear that made us feel good about how we looked, that would be amazing.

Mariwear, a new innovative apparel product for women, is the mixture of fashion and function that bridges the gap between power dressing and that “I don’t know what to wear at the end of the day” feeling.

Being comfortable is always a goal, built in shape and support is a confidence builder and looking good is always the case.

Suppose you come home at the end of the day and you are not quite ready to set aside your street clothes, (top trends or not) and hide in that grunge look you hate.  Mariwear is there, super-soft, supportive loungewear with a little “secret” to keep you looking stylishly dressed and self-assured to complete your day.  The Mariwear “secret” equals a built in bra with no wires or fasteners in luxurious fabric and fabulous designs.

How freeing is it to think we can be in braless comfort doing all of these things:

– working from home

– walking the dog

-running out to the market

-meeting a friend for coffee

-on an airplane

Give Mariwear a try- we promise you- you will love the way it looks and there is nothing more comfortable for a BA50.  When you lounge…when you sleep…when you rise.

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Mariwear special for BA50 readers only— Use Code BA10 to get 10% off when you buy through October 31.  Click here.

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