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bloom for sexual healthRecently a friend said to me, “Jillian, you’re not afraid of anything.” To which I replied, “Oh, I’m afraid of a lot of things. But I’ve got courage, and I’ve got it in spades.”

I’m in my late forties (a BA50 wannabe), happy, healthy, fit, and pretty smart. A few years ago I became restless, and my day to day life (mom, friend, wife) began to shift. A strong streak of independence and wanting to do something big started to emerge, and I ran with it!

This year I created, and then launched, my own business. I’m now the CEO and Founder of Bloom Enjoy Yourself, a sophisticated online space that encourages women and their partners to embrace and celebrate their sexuality. My target audience is women over 40 – the generation that grew up not learning or talking much about sex, and with a lot of misconceptions about its place in our lives!

The name Bloom represents the idea that at this point in our lives we should be blooming, not drying up like little leaves and blowing away into sexless obscurity!

Stephen Covey said “The best way to predict your future is to create it.” I believe it. Something about this time in my life brought me to my tipping point, and over I went. I began to create my future.

A passion becomes reality

Bloom’s mission is to change the way women think about and talk about sex.

Positioned to become the “go to” place for reliable, expert information about women’s sexual health and wellness, Bloom is a rich, growing community. The website has five main components:

  1. Sex 101: Expert sexual health and wellness information on a variety of topics written by sexual health experts, including Sex Therapists, Sexologists, and Relationship Counselors.
  2. News, Tips and Trends: Magazine-style articles with intriguing ideas.
  3. Shop: Our curated collection of luxury sex toys.
  4. House of Bloom: Our newly launched membership component offering member pricing and access to exclusive information.
  5. Ask An Expert: Members of Bloom’s community can call in and speak to our resident Sex Therapist about questions around sexuality.

My vision for Bloom Enjoy Yourself centers on creating a holistic virtual gathering place where women can enhance their lives, learn and “bloom.”  I continue to search far and wide for the best sexual health information from top experts and to bring this to Bloom for our community to enjoy.

With our curated collection of luxury sex toys, that are as beautiful as they are well-engineered, Bloom is also serving a niche in the luxury sex toy market that also promotes wellness.

I’m very proud of what Bloom has become and where it’s going.

Our focus is education and pleasure

We’ve recently added a brilliant sex toy reviewer to Bloom’s team, Dahlia After Dark, and have compiled a list of our top recommendations. Have a peek!

Lelo’s Luna Beads – they’re fabulous for both sexual health and sexual pleasure. Health: they’re great for strengthening Kegel muscles which leads to better bladder control as we age. Sexually: stronger Kegels = stronger orgasms and more muscle control during penetration

nJoy Pure Wand – this is a wonderful toy for solo or couples play. It’s curved and weighty and hits the G-Spot perfectly. Love heat? Warm it under hot water. Love it cool? Put it in the freezer!

Lelo’s Soraya – every girl needs a great dual vibrator in her collection, accomplishing clitoral and G-Spot orgasm in unison can be explosive! The Soraya is luxurious and very well made by the brilliant designers at Lelo. There are tons of good dual vibrators on the market, but why go with good when you can have great?

Lelo’s Gigi– this lovely product from the brilliant creators at Lelo is said to be the world’s best selling G-Spot vibrator. It’s certainly one of our best sellers at Bloom! A G-Spot orgasm can be such a pleasurable experience for women, and having the right vibrator (or personal skills) to get you there is essential!

Jimmyjane Pocket – another absolute staple for the smart girl on the go! This little pocket rocket packs a surprisingly big punch and is aptly named – it can tuck into your pocket, slip into your purse, or nestle discreetly in your cosmetic bag.

Hitachi Magic Wand – I don’t want to sound repetitive, but the Hitachi Magic Wand is another must have staple for any collection. It’s been around for decades, and hasn’t changed much at all. It might not be pretty, but this substantial vibrator will deliver most every time!

Lelo’s Lyla 2 – this beautiful toy is so much fun for couples, and is incredibly erotic. Worn internally by the woman, and revved up or down by a remote control held by her partner, the Lyla 2 may not always deliver an orgasm, but here’s what it does do…. And this is almost just as fun: the constant internal hum combined with the fun of a shared naughty secret in public places will keep you feeling very aroused and on the edge of orgasm. It’s a huge turn on for both parties!

So as you enter your midlife, remember: this is your time to bloom! Never be afraid to find your passion, muster up a healthy dose of courage, and take the first step to doing something big. Life is short – make the most of it!

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