20 fashion tips your mom never told you1. The secret to great fitting jeans is 5% lycra.

2. Downsize your clothing numbers by forcing yourself to wear something from the back of the closet – TODAY.

3. Dress too tight? Go green – eliminate dairy and grains for five days.

4. Bunions? Stick a few golf balls in your shoes, spritz with a bit of water and let them sit overnight.

5. New shoes too tight – fill two freezer bags with water, place them in the shoes and then place the shoes in the freezer – just be sure your stiletto doesn’t pierce the cookie dough ice cream.

6. Panty lines are never in style – invest in Spanx or the like.

7. Your salad spinner is perfect for removing excess water from hand washables– who knew!

8. White wine removes red wine stains…on your clothes, not sure about your teeth! Worth a try though…

9. Wash your jeans before tailoring. Wash dark wash jeans before wearing your Cole Haan cross-body…ink is the enemy.

10. Remove annoying white deodorant marks with those even more annoying foam covers from hangers.

11. Old coat too out of style?  Shorten it to a jacket.

12. Have a few too many boring shirts in your wardrobe – snap clip-on earrings onto the collar.

13. Always dry clean winter items before storing them – moths love dirty clothes!

14. Never ever keep the cardboard shoeboxes – the only thing they are good for is dust bunnies. Your shoes should be ‘seen & worn’.

15. Bra fitting – yes it’s time!

16. Windex – oh we could go on forever, but for now it shines up those patent leather shoes just fine!

17. Oily skin might be coming from your hair…coming from your pillowcase!!! Change your pillowcase every two days.

18. Want your clothing to look more appealing – buy all new skinny black hangers.

19. Hoping something goes on sale – sign up for email notifications from your favorite store and plop those things in your shopping cart. Check your cart every few days.

20. Bored with your grocery store – reverse your aisle order! This is true for your favorite department store as well – enter from a different door, start upstairs instead of downstairs – you’ll be amazed at all of the new things that catch your eye!

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