happy new yearEven with your eyes closed, you can feel the cold and know it’s January, but here’s how you can tell that it is the week after new year’s!

1) There is Traffic….Everywhere.

2) Parents of older kids are wiping tears from their eyes as they send their children back to college.

3) Parents of younger kids are rejoicing as they send the little whippersnappers back to their teachers…and finally get a break!

4) It’s overly crowded at the gym. (But you know it is just temporary)

5) There are actually MEN in Pilates class (of all things!)

6) And some of them are there with their wives!

7) The parking lot at work is overflowing. All vacations are OVER.

8) You are pissed off by all the people with vacation tans.

9) Your personal In box is overflowing with sale notices instead of non-profit year end pleas.

10) Your work In box is overflowing with things you can no longer put off because now it actually is “the first of the year.”

11) You’re constantly pressing the delete key or crossing out because you keep writing (or typing)  2014 instead of 2015.

12) You know more than one person who is starting a new job.

13) Your deductible cycle is reset and you have to start paying for more prescriptions and doctors visits directly.

14) Your refrigerator is filled with more healthy food than junk.

15) You notice people are wearing new clothes.

16) You put 16 items on your list of 15, because one of your resolutions is to go the extra mile in 2015.

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