487506915We don’t have a crystal ball. ¬†We are not even sure we have all our marbles. ¬†We are not shamans, or psychics, or mind readers. ¬†We are not even sure we really know the difference between them. ¬† But because we are living the BA50 life right along side you, we are pretty sure of a few things that will be in store¬†for almost all of us in 2015.

This is what we see:

  1. One day, you will pick up a weight at the gym the wrong way, or¬†you’ll¬†turn quickly, or you’ll reach for your¬†purse in the back seat of your car. Ouch. Boom. Bam. In 2015, we predict a least one¬†visit to a physical therapist.
  2. You will begin to look for something sweet after a meal, or in the middle of the night. Perhaps you will keep a special stash in your purse or the car. Perhaps you will take the chocolate cake out of the garbage the “morning after.” In any case, we predict you will not be giving up chocolate in 2015.
  3. It may be a fart at yoga class.  It may be when your macho guy friend orders a cosmo when everyone else is drinking beer. It may be something really stupid or so outrageously un-PC a friend says. We predict (and sincerely hope) by the end of 2015, you’ll have a whole bunch of good belly laughs.
  4. You’ll be called on to drive a friend to chemo.  A parent, or other loved one will pass.  Unfortunately, in 2015, we predict you will also have a few substantial (and hopefully cathartic) cries.
  5. You will have a sleepless night, or two, or three (or weeks of them) and think, “this is normal.”
  6. From seemingly nowhere, we predict in 2015 a friend or acquaintance will surprise you by offering you the support you really need.
  7. You will read a great book, listen to a great podcast, hear a lecture or even speak to a wise old woman (or perhaps you will read a great article on betterafter50.com.) Our prediction in 2015 is that your mind will be turned on and you will be inspired.
  8. The light will be a little dim, and you will wonder why they don’t print menus in bigger font.  You will reach for your purse and search around for your reading glasses.  They will not there.  We predict that in 2015 there will be multiple occasions when you will not be able to find your reading glasses (look on your head.)
  9. You will look around at your friends sitting at your¬†restaurant table and say, “I can’t read this. ¬†I forgot my reading glasses.” ¬†We predict that in 2015, there will be at least two other people¬†at the table who can lend you a pair.
  10. You will visit your kid’s room and marvel at its cleanliness. ¬†You will rearrange a few things and straighten out the t-shirts. You will get some new sheets for the bed. You will move the trophies into storage. In 2015, you will slowly accept that your kids have really moved out and perhaps it is time to redecorate.
  11. In 2015, you will continue to say, “You are only as happy as your most unhappy child.” ¬†Because it is true, no matter how old they are.
  12. You‚Äôll have spent an ungodly amount of money and time in the salon. ¬†You will have¬†been in the chair for so long for so many years your ass will be¬†starting to make an indentation. ¬†We predict that sometime in 2015 you will look in the mirror with¬†foils adorning your hair and wonder, “is it worth it?”
  13. You will pass by a store window and be¬†surprised by your reflection. You will see a new line, a change in your brow or an extra neck that looks somehow like your mother‚Äôs. In 2015 we predict you will begin to create a new dialogue about how you see yourself, and with a little practice — you¬†will learn to be kind and embracing.
  14. You will look in the refrigerator, and see¬†almond milk, yogurt and eggs. ¬†You will pass by the market, and think, ‚ÄúI really should go shopping soon. Maybe tomorrow.‚ÄĚ ¬†We predict that in 2015, you will feel a little less guilty about your empty fridge.
  15. We hope that in 2015, you will continue to read BA50, comment, and submit your stories about midlife.  We would be nothing without our readers and writers.  We wish you all the best for a healthy and happy new year!

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