yellowglovegirlSMAre you experiencing an end of summer style slump?

It’s that transitional time of the year – your closet is full of ‘I can’t be caught dead wearing that thing again’.

The excuses why-not run rampant this time of year:
That is too much white…
I am so sick of my Boho fad…
Hot pink is so not September…
Only the office buff bods are wearing sleeveless now…
The heels on my sandals look like my dog chewed them…

BradshawPinterestWhat’s a September fashionista to do?

Well if a new wardrobe is not in the budget, let’s do the next best thing – layer, layer, and then layer some more.

Learn to mix and match, merge seasons, create new combinations and shop your closet like Carrie Bradshaw.

Fashion is supposed to be fun by the way. Experiment with mixing prints, patterns, fabrics and colors. Try some new combos – I promise, the fashion police are not waiting outside your bedroom door.

Here’s are the top twelve layering ideas for you to take liberty with, interpret as you please and then even tweak them to suit your own personality!

  • Engage a sheer first layer – pull out all your sheer sleeveless tops to check out the options and then layer something short over something long.

    Pair your sleeveless sweater with a bit of leather!

  • Reverse your habit of wearing prints on the top by popping on some jazzy slim pants or skirts and layer with a solid cardigan or leather jacket.
  • Use a single palette to make everything work. Shop for all those color possibilities in your closet and throw them on the bed – then watch how many layering possibilities float to the top!
  • Use a solid color that runs through the layers thereby pulling the look together.
  • Make your white office button-down rock by topping it with a colorful vest and a mixed metal necklace.
  • Layer darker shades under lighter ones for a slenderizing effect. For example – black tank, black pants, cream sheer sleeveless blouse and then a taupe soft jacket.
  • A slim pencil skirt is the perfect foundation piece for the layering of blouses, long vests and even dusters.
  • Cotton jeans transition to fall if you layer with textured chunky sweaters that pick up the jean color in the knit.

    Instead of wearing your Tevas, wear a gorgeous pair of flats with your rolled up jeans and bring the bling up to your face with an equally gorgeous necklace.

  • Don’t stop at a pair of jeans and a T-shirt, add a colorful, frivolous, fabulous scarf and watch how the outfit pops.
  • Give your every day tote a rest and pull out one of the purses you are saving for your red carpet debut. You deserve to be seen using that on any given Tuesday!

Remember ladies – there’s fashion and style hiding in your closet, you just have to open the door and engage your right brain.
Stop reserving your ‘good’ pieces for special occasions and choose to step it up a notch, just because you are worth it.

Remember to enjoy something about your outfit everyday – even grocery days!

In need of a closet edit?
The first step to reinventing your look is tackling that closet full of nothing to wear!
If you’re like most people, you wear 15% of your clothing 80% of the time. Let’s fix that together!

Add your thoughts, comments, suggestions and great fashion finds in the comment box below! I love hearing from you!

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