If you are truly committed to making changes, here is a simple plan on how you can meet your goals in the new year. Every January 1 it’s the same old story: a new year means new resolutions. The problem is that making changes needs an action plan, not just end goals. “I want to lose weight,” “I want to stop smoking,” and “I want to get fit” are three of the most popular resolutions made by women over fifty. The question becomes: how do you plan on achieving these goals? Instead of making resolutions, I make a “to do” list that will help me achieve a desired result.

For instance, if I wanted to start a fitness program instead of saying “I want to start exercising” I would put “take a tour of the gym near work” on my list.  It is critical that the list you make is specific, actionable, and measurable. It’s the best way to hold yourself accountable. Each time I complete an item on my list I cross it out with a thick red marker, a visual reminder of my success. The order in which you complete each task is unimportant — what’s important is that you try your best to complete each task.

Last year I completed eight out of the twelve items on my list and I am super happy with that progress. Of the four items on my to do list that I did not tackle, I will try three again this year. The one goal to swap almond milk for cream in my coffee is just not going to happen!

Here is my “to do” list for 2018. My goals for the new year include being more relaxed, more organized, and improving my core. The first three items on my list are the carry overs from last year:

  1. Plan a girlfriends getaway.
  2. Read three books from start to finish.
  3. Stop telling my kids what to do. (Again, not likely to happen!)
  4. Add one more ab workout each week.
  5. Eliminate the handful of nuts or crackers I grab on my way to bed.
  6. Clean up and organize my computer.
  7. Stretch for 10 minutes everyday.
  8. Turn off and put away all technology one hour before bedtime.
  9. Instead of feeling guilty when I miss a workout refocus and think of one positive thing I did for my health.
  10. Learn Tai Chi to find my zen  🙂
  11. Drink one less cup of coffee every day.
  12. Download a good organization app on my phone
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