157517885Those lists, whether it’s 10 or 100 things, to do before you die mean nothing to me. I won’t feel bad if I die without going on a gondola ride in Venice or jumping out of a plane. I would, in fact, feel bad if the gondola tipped over or the parachute didn’t open and I died. There are only two things I care about doing before I die: using up most of what’s in our pantry and using my miles. More important is what I don’t want to do before I die. Some are:

1. Be in assisted living

2. Develop varicose veins, bunions or shingles (should those count as three?) Doesn’t matter, throw in osteoporosis and anything that is painful or requires serious medical intervention or puts me on a gluten-free diet

3. Hear that they were wrong about working out and it was pointless

4. Outlive my husband or have him outlive me (the only impossible thing on my list)

5. Serve on a jury

6. Lose my photos in a fire

7. Help a friend move

8. Have my identity stolen

7. Become so confused, I can no longer compile an orderly list

8. Have my husband and me referred to as “you guys”

9. Get bitten by anything, most especially a shark

10. Hear another doctor start a sentence with, “At your age”

11. Lose my passwords, which is why I changed them all to “Lost your password?”

Do you have a list of things that you DON’T want to do before you die?  Let us know…how about not reading any more list articles?

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