I was thinking that growing up isn’t happening for me.

True Confessions amongst us BA50s (not a chance my kids will read this post anyway). I am definitely not growing up.

Despite adult-like rites of passage such as, becoming a mother-in-law in the past year, being an empty nester for a least a decade, having to help my Mom with some medical stuff, being advanced in age to name a  few…. I’m still not feeling all that grown up.

In fact it appears I am reverting to a more child like state and here’s how I know.

  1. My kids keep telling me that I should think before I speak.
  2. Lately I’ve been sitting in the back seat of the car when I drive with them. They sit with their wives in the front and I like playing on my Iphone in the back anyway.
  3. They tend to grab the keys from me and insist they drive. I’m actually ok with that too.
  4. I am secretly hoping they invite me to sleep over and that just feels rather childlike.
  5. I keep repeating myself (not like ” how much longer until we get there?”), but more like, “Are you coming home for Christmas?” (I think I asked that for 3 months straight) and guess what, they aren’t! Which leads me to….
  6. Since they aren’t coming home for Christmas do I have to buy them a present? I know that would be an adult thing to do but…..just sayin…
  7. I really like when they treat me for dinner and other ways they spoil me.
  8. I know they love me, but when they hug me I just feel better.
  9. I don’t like to tell them how much wine I have if I drink a lot because I don’t want them to lecture me.
  10. I wish they would include me in their friend playgroups more because I really like their friends (and I think they like me too….maybe).
  11. Sometimes when they are home I don’t feel like doing all the dishes while they retire to the couch. I want to be the kid on the couch.
  12. I pray for traffic jams and bad weather delays when I’m alone with my boys. (That’s just plain desperate and irresponsible).
  13. My kids are constantly giving me lectures about not doing my homework about my technology. “Google It Mom!”
  14. The other day, the boys called my husband and suggested I needed a technology babysitter. (I was kind of excited about that).
  15. Lately, my kids cooking is better than mine.
  16. My kids seem to have become fashion police. “Are you going to wear THAT Mom?”
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