As Thanksgiving Day approaches it’s time to start thinking about a creative, inviting look for your Thanksgiving table.   As any seasoned host knows, a great Thanksgiving tablescape sets the perfect tone for a good meal. Whether you need a theme, a creative place card or inspiration…here’s BA50’s top 10 favorite tablescapes and name plate ideas.

What are you thankful for?

Everyone knows that aside from an amazing meal, thanksgiving is all about giving thanks. And what better way to remember all that we are thankful for then to make a place card geared towards just that? Check out  MomTrends on Pinterest. The elegant script lettering takes a simple piece of parchment paper and turns it into something meaningful. This beautiful place setting can also be turned into the perfect dinner game. The family won’t be able to stop smiling as each member takes a break from their food to share what they are most thankful for.

Move into your seat with a smile. Though fall is all about reds, oranges, yellows, and browns, let your thanksgiving table stand out with some soft blues and whites. Julie Warnock Interiors had the right idea with their place settings! Adorned with some porcelain pumpkins, burlap napkins, and adorable “thankful” place cards, your thanksgiving table is sure to be a knockout.

Love the pumpkin look plus an activity? Ba50 does too! That is why we fell in love with Poppytalks Thanksgiving ideas. This breathtaking table is adorned with multicolored pumpkins. If you have pumpkins leftover from Halloween, or you’re just itching to add more to your collection, this is the table setting for you. You can either create a fun activity by painting your own, fresh pumpkins, or make your lovely decorations last for years to come with some multi colored, porcelain pumpkins. You can also spice up your place settings with a hint of rosemary on each napkin to keep your table smelling delicious from start to finish.

Welcome to Newcomers. If you love the look of script lettering, Etsy is the place you sure look to help you out with your thanksgiving tablescape. For a personalized approach, let etsy customize the names of each and everyone of your guests in gold. Set against a harsh, black background and placed on every plate, your settings will not only make newcomers feel like family, but it will make everyone feel special.

Personalization. Keep the personalization going with Stylecaster’s chic pine cone tags. The painted pine cones allow you to bring the foliage inside with all of your relatives while still upholding high style standards. Because they aren’t as delicate as your beautiful thanksgiving china, they can be entrusted to family members of all ages. They are also light and moveable to accommodate any seating arrangement discrepancies.

The Kids Table DIY Activity Plus Place Setting.  Do you know who is most unable to enjoy a good host’s stylish decor? The kids table! Understandably so, it is hard to give out the good plates, candlesticks, and large glass decorations to a table of rowdy kids. But Lemon Thistle had the perfect fix. Allow the kids to feel just like adults with their stylish, drawn on place settings. Good for families that are particularly artistic, these individualized drawings will have your kids smiling throughout the meal. Additionally, a good paper tablecloth is easy to clean up, and the kids can draw on the paper that isn’t used up for some mid-dinner fun.

Paint Gold Leaves For Your Place Setting. There are many hosts that want to create a fancy place setting, but don’t have the time, energy, or artistic ability to do so. Coco29 has a simple easy solution for our hosts who want to make a big splash with small details. These rose gold leaves attached to every napkin are sure to wow your guests with their simplicity. Take a trip outside, a splash of paint, and a little time to dry. A fun craft project for the whole family to enjoy!

Rosemary….Rosemary….The great thing about name plates is that every host has a different take on them. BA50 loved the rosemary wreaths on MyDomain. They have the ability to give your table a stylish feel, while not going too overboard. A simple, yet elegant design that is doable for any host that still wants to make a big impression with small amounts of resources.

“I’m positive I set out 14 forks…I know I did.” With so many hungry people grabbing for whatever fork they can find, someone is bound to be without one. Take a look at Lauren @ Bles’ser House’s perfect solution. Her personalized silverware holders will allow you to tell every person at your table that you love them in a unique way, while also putting an end to any silverware crisis.

Buffet Dressing. Are you a buffet and football watching family? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Break out your banners and serving trays like the people at Pinterest because this buffet table is sure to wow even the most oblivious of sports fans. Though the game will be blaring, and tensions will be high, all your guest will be able to come together to appreciate the love and care you put into your food presentation.

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