Spring 2016 introduces delightful new makeup looks as well as popular carryovers from last year. It’s important to update your makeup each season to coordinate with those fun new fashions in your closet, but not all trendy makeup fits your personal style or are right for your skin type. Here are ten things to consider before updating your spring makeup:

  1. Skin Care Woman Removing MakeupSTART WITH GOOD SKIN CARE
    For makeup to look super fantastic you need to achieve your best complexion possible. Taking daily care of your skin is essential to make that happen.  Make sure you are cleansing twice a day. Especially at night.  Makeup left on your skin makes it look dull and lifeless, clogs the pores and contributes to breakouts. Milky cleansers work best for makeup removal. Instead of stripping your skin and leaving pigments clinging to the pores, milky cleansers emulsify makeup which melts it away.  Waterproof makeup needs a specialized remover dedicated to this type of product.  Also, don’t forget regular exfoliation to get rid of dull, flaky cells that become obvious when you wear foundation.  Moisturizer applied right before makeup allows foundation to glide on more easily and softens the texture of your skin.


  1. skin careKNOW YOUR SKIN TYPE
    Are you oily?  Dry?  Sensitive?  Does  your skin show signs of aging, like uneven pigmentation or fine lines?  You need to match your foundation not only to your skin color but just as importantly to your skin type.   Oily skin will benefit from an oil free foundation and the right primer will minimize large pores and reduce oil breakthrough during the day. Dry or maturing skin will find a smoothing primer to be one of your most essential tools in your makeup bag.  One of my favorite products, Retexturing Face Primer immediately smooths lines and takes years off my look. I carry it in my pocketbook for touch-ups during the day. Just pat on problem areas when you start to look tired.
    Does your skin have a warm, cool or neutral undertone? Not only is this important to know when choosing a foundation;  knowing your undertone helps avoid mistakes when choosing  blush, shadow, lipstick, even concealer.  Product shades are either cool, warm or neutral. There are some crossovers, but your safest bet is to choose colors from your own pallet.


  • Take a look at the color of the veins on the inside of your wrists. If they are blue or purple you are probably cool. If they are green you’re warm.
  • What’s your favorite color of jewelry? Silver is cool.  Gold is warm.
  • What color clothes do you like? If you like blues, purples and bluish-greens you’re cool. If you like earthy tones like warm reds, yellows, browns and olives you’re probably warm.
  • Do you burn or tan?  Those who burn easily are usually cool skinned. Those that tan to a nice warm honey color are definitely warm.
  • Check out your natural eye and hair color. If your eyes are milky sky blue, clear blue (with white flakes, not gold), grey (with black or white flakes), or deep brown with cool blonde, dark brown, black, silver or platinum hair, you’re most likely cool-toned. If you have warm brown, amber, or hazel eyes with strawberry blonde, auburn, or warm brown hair with gold tones, you are most likely warm-toned.


    Trends come and go. While it’s fun to keep up, make sure your new makeup colors make you feel comfortable and pretty. They don’t do any good sitting in your makeup drawer. Try meeting with a professional makeup artist. Someone who is a trained to recognize your personal style but will also offer you something fresh and new .


    It’s spring, so lighten up, and brighten up for the season. You’ve worn those deeper, duller shades all winter. Since now’s the time to update to your spring wardrobe, coordinate it with a brighter lipstick, a pastel blush or a sun kissed bronze contour.  Be brave.  How about experimenting with one or two of the new trends.  You just might fall in love.


  1. vibrant lipsticksPLAY WITH LIPSTICKS
    The easiest place to start is with lipstick.  When you plan your meeting with a makeup artist go when you’re in a playful mood. Fun bright lipstick colors rule the day this spring. Our new collection of Vibrant Lipsticks are making for dazzling smiles.  Lipsticks are where you can easily take a chance.  Swipe one and see if you like it.  No go?  No problem.  It’s easy to wash off. Still, if you’re hooked on nudes; there’s a place for them in today’s fashion with plenty of style to go around. Try updating your nude lip by crating the perfect pout.   Investing in a creamy waterproof lipliner.   The color of the moment is Holly Berry, a soft, easily wearable shade that blends with a wide array of lipstick shades.
  2. CC CreamTRY A COLOR CORRECTOR More than a fashion statement, great looking makeup has skin perfection as its goal. If your complexion is flawed, the new correctors are wonderful formulations that are more natural and skin-like than ever before. This spring try a less heavy foundation.  You can still perfect tough areas with Liquid Powder Foundation (it covers and corrects like a concealer),  a CC Cream (which takes on your best natural color as it reduces redness), or a Blemish Concealer (oil free with blemish healing ingredients).


  1. highlight contourHIGHLIGHTING & CONTOURING
    A trend you’ll want to investigate this spring is Strobing and Shading.  New contouring creams are worn under your foundation. They melt right into your skin to shape and beautify with an almost undetectable charm. Bronzing Powders pick up the contrast between light and dark to really shape your face while sheer, creamy Illuminators easily swipe on light to perfect cheek bones and shape your face.
  1. lash tintEYELASHES
    Big news!!! Lash tints are back. Imagine waking up to perfectly smudge free peepers. Want more daring?  Become part of the huge rage for Eyelash Extensions. Full beautiful eyelashes that are so striking, you’ll be tempted to bat them all day long.  For the traditionalist, may I suggest Volume-X Mascara to achieve your biggest lash possible or a waterproof version to carry you through workouts, a hike or a day at the the beach.
  1. blue eyesBROW TRENDS
    You can’t deny it. Big, beautiful brows are even bigger and more beautiful than before. We now carry six brow formulas, one perfect for achieving the look that fits your style. If you’re a bit squeamish about adding color to your brows, try swiping them with a mascara wand, dipped into Brow Lites Brow Tint. Try one shade lighter than your natural color.

My personal favorite brow product is the new Precision Brow Definer Pencil from Elizabeth Renee Esthetics. All-day wear is achieved by drawing in brow hairs, then softening the look with the attached brush. To give brows a three-dimensional color, finish with a quick stroke of the Blonde Lites Brow Tint. The color looks real with perfect all day wear-ability.


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