Selling your property can be difficult. After all, most people aren’t property experts. Here are ten suggestions to make the process less painful.


  1. Selling quickly

Selling through a high street estate agent can take up to seven months, or longer. Instead, sell your house fast with a reputable online site. They can make you an offer within 24 hours, and once an RCIS registered surveyor has inspected your home, you can rest assured that the property buying company will only take seven days to complete the deal.


  1. View your house through the buyers’ eyes

You might think that your house looks wonderful, but others may differ. Ask a friend to go around your property with you and point out facts and features that might damage the chances of a sale. It’s better to be realistic about your home than risk the chance of losing the interest of a prospective buyer.


  1. Tidy up

Make sure you always tidy up before a viewing. According to property expert, Phil Spencer you should clean carpets, and other soft furnishings as well as all other surfaces. Buyers will not be interested in a dirty house.


  1. Remember the garden

An untidy and unkempt garden can often let your house down. Even though your property might be in pristine condition, if you have a messy garden, you are reducing your chances of a sale. Buyers want a dream home and garden.


  1. Keep on the ball

Solicitors can have a habit of delaying proceedings. Once you have accepted an offer, make sure that you contact the solicitors and agents to ensure that your house sale stays on track. If there are any delays, ask why and how any problems can be overcome.


  1. The highest offer isn’t always the best one

Find out from your agent whether your buyer can raise the finances to enable them to buy your house. If a buyer has an ‘in principle letter’ from their mortgage provider, then they may be a better bet than a buyer who promises a higher price without any substance and actually delivers nothing.


  1. No obvious transport links

Sometimes you’ll have to help a buyer to reach a decision. Prepare a list of local schools, hospitals and shopping centres and list how these places can be reached. You’ll be answering a lot of questions from your buyer and making it easier for them to come to a decision.


  1. Watch out for time wasters


Some people attend house viewings simply because they’re nosy. Instruct your agent to vet all potential buyers and exclude time wasters. You’re not selling a home just to keep people entertained.


  1. Always shop around

The Homeowners Association suggests that you shop around for both solicitors and estate agents. Fees and commissions do vary. Also, some estate agents are better at selling certain types of property than others; so carry out plenty of research before you commit to a specific estate agency.


  1. You don’t have to accept an offer

If your estate agent has passed on an offer that appears ridiculous, tell them. Don’t undervalue your property for the sake of a quick sale – you may live to regret it.
At the start of the selling process instruct your agent and tell them which offers you will accept.







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