Retiring abroad. Photo – Finance.Yahoo.Com

Retiring abroad. Photo – Finance.Yahoo.Com

Life is, undoubtedly, for living. So after years of what seems to be an endless slog, dedicating your time to your work and your family, it is no wonder that so many people consider retiring abroad.

Few things seem more tempting than the excitement of new surroundings to enhance your new found freedom.

And with villas for sale at Portugal Property and many other sites online, taking the plunge could only be a few clicks away.

Retiring abroad is a chance to reinvigorate yourself and your health…

1 – Sun

It has been scientifically proven that rays of sunshine are good for your health. As well as being the body’s main source of vitamin D, reports scientists at the University of Edinburgh also discovered that sunlight can improve your health and length of life by reducing blood pressure and cutting heart attacks and strokes.

2 – A clean break

For the majority of your adult life, many people have only known you to fit a certain role – whether that’s a parent, employee or customer.

How many people know the real you? A new life could be just the way to break the mould and rediscover – or reinvent – you.

3 – Experience

How much do you really know about the world? Apart from a selection of foreign holidays, very few of us have only postcard-sized knowledge. Get out there and enjoy.

4 – Finance

House prices in the UK are on the way up once again. Selling up and moving abroad could easily make your cash go further.

5 – Easy migration

Britain remains very much a part of the European Union and, because of that, crossing borders to fellow nations in the EU will never be easier.

6 – Learning new skills

Just because you’ve given up working, it doesn’t mean that your brain has packed in as well.

Retiring abroad can offer you the time to take on new skills that you have always desired – discovering a new language, landscape, culture, customs, architecture and philosophies.

7 – Family

If you have a close-knit family who live nearby then leaving them behind could be the biggest fear you face if retiring abroad.

But think about it for a moment. With your foreign, sun-drenched home you will quickly become the favourite grandparent.

Which family could resist spending their holidays staying (virtually cost free) away from home? Who would turn down Christmas in the sun?

Plus, with social media and Skype, keeping in contact has never been easier.

8 – Food

A Sunday roast, a full English breakfast, toad in the hole – they’re all delicious meals, but they’re all products of a cold climate which relies on stodgy, warm, dishes to help us fight off Mother Nature.

Is there actually anything more pleasurable than a warm walk to the bakery to pick up breakfast, followed by steamed fish at the beach bar for lunch… not forgetting a side order of olives and fruit?

9 – Relaxation

There’s no doubt that a warmer climate brings a more relaxed approach to life.

Britain isn’t slowing down, the hustle and bustle remains, life has become even more demanding and the pace of the rat race is picking up according to the Daily Mail.

It’s time to chill out. Isn’t retirement about ditching all that hassle?

10 – Love

If you have no ties keeping you in Britain anymore then why not cast your net wider?

Shirley Valentine may not be the perfect role model for everyone, but you never know until you try.


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