#DryJanuary is trending and there’s plenty of reasons to jump in to the frey. If you are late to this party, don’t worry, you don’t have to bring anything but a good attitude, a little discipline and a strong will if giving up alcohol for the month sounds challenging.

I have read some great reasons as to why we should give up alcohol for the month of January, even if you don’t drink alot. I think after 50 and 60 we have learned that there’s a difference between partying and daily routine. So why not change it up this month?

For starters…there’s no downside. And, even if you have already nipped a wee bit in this first week of 2024, you can still get back on the wagon.

Just to be clear, there is a big difference between moderate drinking and heavy drinking and according to the North American Menopause Society, moderate drinking even has benefits which is always good to read if you like your glass of wine in the evening.

  • Those who drink moderate amounts of alcohol, especially wine, have a lower risk of dementia than those who don’t drink at all.
  • Women who drink lightly or moderately have a lower risk of stroke than nondrinkers.
  • At and after menopause (ages 50-62 y), women who drink moderately have stronger bones than nondrinkers.
  • Midlife and older women who drink moderately have a lower risk of becoming obese than nondrinkers.

That said, there’s no downside from giving yourself a month off from alcohol if you want to give your body a break from your routines.

Here’s 8 reasons to give yourself an alcohol free month if you need to be convinced.

  1. Janopause. Menopause and alcohol indicated to be at odds. They just are. For many of us hot flashes and wine make everything a little hotter and not in a good may. Drinking may trigger hot flashes for some women, although that isn’t based in research. So determine whether it’s a personal trigger for you. (As for a general risk of experiencing hot flashes and night sweats, some studies find alcohol increases itRebooting your routines, breaking daily habits and committing to a challenge can make you successful.
  2. Depression: Women at menopause are especially vulnerable to depression, and drinking can just make that worse.
  3. Your Heart. More than moderate drinking increases the risk of cardiovascular disease. Among heavy drinkers, women are more susceptible to alcohol-related heart disease than men.
  4. Sleep: Taking stock of how you feel after a few days to see if you sleep better may be worth the experiment.
  5. Sugar: Less alcohol means less sugar and we don’t need to explain why that’s a good idea. If drinking a glass a wine is a gateway to reaching for desserts and other sugary delights, it will be interesting to see if you are less inclined to reach for the sweets without the drink.
  6. Dehydration is a side effect of drinking. Take stock if you feel less dehydrated.
  7. Skin. Most people say that a month of giving up drinking creates a better, brighter skin tone. Take a before and after picture.
  8. Morning Energy: Waking up with more energy? Is that happening for you without a drink the night before?

So let’s hear how you are doing? And, if you are looking to pour a little something at 5 pm, try taking a long walk or having dinner early to help you break your old routine this month.










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