New Years ResolutionsThe New Year is a wonderful rite of passage. It’s a dawning of new chances, new possibilities and desires to realize our dreams.

With multiple attempts at resolutions under our belt, the last thing we gals over 50 need is another impossible list of outrageous resolutions for the New Year. Most of us are not ready to set ourselves up for disappointment, self-doubt and self-esteem killers.

We are ready to continue to tackle our best life. We are ready to continue to live with the wisdom from our experiences and the joy of knowing and accepting who we really are inside.

It’s your time in this New Year to celebrate yourself and your well-lived life. It’s your time to concentrate on those things that bring out the best in you and make you feel alive.  I’ve put together a list of 10 resolutions that have that special best life twist for we women over 50. Take a look. Maybe one will hit home or give you some ideas. I wish you a very Happy New Year and continued happy life.

10 New Year’s Resolutions Perfect for the Over-50 Gal:

1. Honor who you really are. Stop thinking you are someone else and learn to accept all those loveable and maybe not so loveable things about yourself. Isn’t it time to honor yourself for who you really are?

2. Take your turn at life. You’ve given to everyone else; it’s your turn, now, to be first and go for your dreams and wishes. If not now, when?

3. Be a grown-up and stop trying to be that good little girl or living to win someone else’s approval. Approve of yourself and love yourself. In the long run, it’s what you believe and feel about yourself that matters the most.

4. Come to peace with your body. Love your shape. Accept that you are perfect for you. Throw away all the clothes that don’t fit you perfectly. Stop torturing yourself. Those old jeans that you wore for 2 weeks 10 years ago—don’t own you! Give them up and give yourself the well-deserved break to be happy inside your real woman’s skin!

5. Recognize the value of friendship and love in your life. Sharing your life is one of the most important and gratifying parts of living. None of us is perfect. Be quick to forgive and allow others the freedom to be themselves.

6. Be appreciative of the simple things in your life. The little laughs, the time together with those you love, the silly movies, the walks in the park. Live a life filled with daily gratitude and joy.

7. Take time for more pleasure, fun and relaxation. Turn off and tune out of the constant barrage of digital drama. Being connected is great—but it’s even better to shut down daily and take that time for you. It’s perfectly wonderful to stop worrying about what you think you may be missing.

8. Say good-bye to that control freakish part of you. After trying to push others around for 50 years has it really worked? Do you have to be right all the time? And at what cost to those around you or yourself? Loosen up and realize that you don’t have to be in the middle of everything. The world will not collapse and you may just be a bit happier.

9. Celebrate the life you have, rather than concentrating on the life you think you want. Embrace who you are. Concentrate on the goodness around you. Turn off the negative self-talk and replace it with positive self-messages.

10. Take the time to care and take care of yourself. Do a little self-discovery and think about what makes you happiest, things that bring you joy, activities long forgotten that you used to love doing, how you want to spend your time and your energy, and what dreams you may want to still fulfill.




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