College is an important time in a man’s life, and that is why it’s important that he has everything he could ever need. However, most of the time your college son doesn’t know what he needs until he’s trying to cool pasta without water, or doesn’t have batteries for his remote. Don’t worry too much, because this holiday season, you can give him exactly what he didn’t know he needed as opposed to pulling your hair out trying to guess.

Back by popular demand, we have yet another gift guide for the stubborn, college men in your lives. There are so many amazing products out there to help make shopping this year just a tad easier, and we are here to give them to you. We’ve got unforgettable amazon products, some sleek technology, and cozy ugg slippers. Check them out, so you can snag them before the holiday season ends!

Amazon Fire Stick $34.99

This little gift will have a huge impact on your college son’s life. With the Amazon Fire Stick, he’ll be able to access services like Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video, and many more all at the touch of a button. Having him streaming live sports games, and documentaries all on the same device.

Simple shirts are good for busy men. Especially when you get two shirts for the price of one. This delicate and simple Henley with attached layering undershirt will keep him perfectly warm, and his outfits versatile. With the Boss Textor Layered Regular Fit Henley, he’ll be able to change up his look with a simple jacket, scarf, etc.

Every man needs a comfortable pair of slippers to keep his feet warm in the winter. That’s why the Ugg Ascot Slipper will make the perfect gift for him this year. The supple suede, and thick rubber sole allow for this to be a warm, chic slipper that works indoors and outdoors.

Computers are becoming a thing of the past, so apple is pumping out the world’s most sleek, and high tech IPads. This fact alone will put this piece of technology at the top of your son’s holiday wish list. Allow him to do school work from every place he can think of by gifting him Apple’s brand new IPad Pro.

Your son is going to be traveling long and far to come and see you for the holidays. And no matter where he ends up after he graduates, you’re definitely going to want to see him any way you can. Make his travels easy with the Herschel Supply Co 34in Rolling Suitcase. It’s tough molding will surely protect all of his belongings, and the aerodynamic shape will make travel fast and simple.

Jazz up your son’s holidays with a pair of Novelty Socks from Nordstrom. No matter the mood college has him in, these festive, wool blend socks are sure to brighten his day with lots of holiday cheer.

College brings a lot of travel for teenagers. Whether it’s spring break, summer vacation, or an impromptu trip with friends, this cooler will be his best friend. Think of all the happy memories he will be able to make with this old style Yeti Roadie Cooler in an array of colors. It’ll be like you’re traveling right along with him.

Bonbos has done it again with this stunning floral print shirt. The Unbutton Down Slim Fit Sport Shirt is an amazing way to ensure your college son is properly dressed for all holiday occasions. Since he’ll probably just want to wear a casual t-shirt and sweats, this slim cut shirt with intricate detailing is a great way to add a little style to his wardrobe this winter.

To ensure that your son is reading his textbooks, and to bring down the cost of his college education by a hair, gift him the sleek and smart Amazon Kindle PaperWhite. Within this bundle, he’ll get a charger, the kindle, and a colorful case to protect against any clumsiness or carelessness. It might also encourage him to read a good book that isn’t required reading.

Keep your son happy and hydrated at all times with the perfect travel mug. He’ll be able to keep his morning coffee hot, and mid day drink of water nice and cool for the rest of the day. Though it might not seem like much, this gift is something he can use time and time again; Making the Swell 20oz Stainless Steel Travel Mug very impactful.

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