I have always considered myself a smart woman. Ahead of the trends, savvy about the world, and well traveled. Yet until I hit my 4th and 5th decade of life, I had no idea the scope and bandwidth of my own point of reference. Being in my 50’s is empowering. Not only do I now realize the depth of my own resources, I get to use this “toolkit of life knowledge” to expand and build upon my own legacy.

  1. Sometimes no one is right: Many of us waste a whole lot of time pleading our cause and fighting to be right. It can supersede relationships and create stress and competition that may never be resolved. I know now that it is better to accept then to tolerate and easier to understand that we can still work, live and be together and not agree on everything. If no one is right, then by default, no one is wrong either.
  2. Today is tomorrow’s memory: If I don’t focus on what I want from today and my own personal growth in the moment, then my future will be impacted. Today counts. Today is your day. Today is a clean slate and the time to start.
  3. YES AND is a real thing: Quick to come up with the excuses and reasons why we cannot do something differently, the challenge is to incorporate new language. Add YES AND to every negative statement that you catch yourself uttering. When you open up your conversation, renewed energy and possibility shine through. I wish that I had realized this quick shift twenty years ago…it would have sped up my own reinvention and my ability to push past fear.
  4. Leadership is all about how you lead in your own life: I realized that as a mom, I am my children’s first leader. I thought that this was only the case when they were younger, and yet…it is so not. As adults, they are watching me even more closely to unearth how I navigate adversity, show up in the face of fear, and handle my own insecurities. Leading visibly in all that we do impacts both our personal and professional lives. It’s an inside job.
  5. We choose our own legacy: Yep, I always thought that legacy was the sum total of the life we left behind– until in my own pivot I realized that one of the most empowering reasons why I wanted my own business and wanted to coach was all about building out legacy today. It is extremely empowering to be able to curate and carve out the life you most want mid-life and this is now a signature part of my coaching program, because it has become a signature part of my life!
  6. Baby Boomers are changing how people age: Let go of the retirement mantra from previous generations and lean into the concept of what is next in your life. Reinvention is not just a chic term for change; it is seriously a mindset around awareness and perspective that allows us to embrace the seasons of our lives. I stepped into my business in my 50’s. This new entity had nothing to do with anything else I had done; rather it had everything to do with who I was at that moment in time, and what I had to offer collectively. We all have transferable skill sets. Where will you transfer yours? Join me in blazing a trail!
  7. Life-long learning promotes growth: I know that some people feel that they are too old to take a class, to get involved in technology, to try something new. Yet, the moment we stop learning, we stop. Learning and challenging ourselves to be curious keeps us ageless and vital. Who doesn’t want to be ageless?
  8. Capacity is not just for water bottles: Think about it this way. If a water bottle is filled to the top, there is no space for anything else. In order to create capacity we must drink or spill out some of the water. For those of us who are holding onto every possession, or the first dollar we ever earned…oops…time to spill out some water. Letting go makes receiving and welcoming in so much more interesting. If you find that you don’t have capacity in your life, what can you eliminate in order to redefine what you most want to accept?
  9. It’s time to fear “less:” We spend so much time stopping ourselves from taking chances, allowing fear and limiting beliefs to drive our decisions. This is it. The chapter of our lives where we have to let a little love mix with that fear. We may never lose those fears, yet we can learn to share space with them, to take small steps forward, to test the waters of our lives.
  10. Set goals and then focus on growth: It’s a simple concept that is one of my core beliefs. We need to have goals to steer our direction. Growth is the sweet spot. We can measure growth in our day-to-day; it is tangible and understandable as a concept. When we measure growth, we measure success, one step at a time, in real time. Connect the dots on growth and you reach and exceed your goals.


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