Whether the men in your life are 65, 50, 32, or 19, they are entirely impossible to shop for. Men can be picky, stubborn, and indecisive especially around the holidays. And if you have a man in your life that is in college, this fact is particularly hyperactive. This can make holiday shopping completely unbearable! With stores already jam packed, and you having to shop for about 15 different people, having even one difficult person on your nice list can cause complete holiday mayhem.

But don’t fret. BA50 has brought together brands from Bose to Ted Baker in order to ease the burden. With the help of the most up and coming Nintendo products, to sleek wrist watches, your college son will never be so happy that he was passive about the holidays. Take a calming breathe, and follow our gift guide to relieve your holiday shopping stress.

Keep your college student entertained and focused for hours of studying and entertainment. The wireless feature makes for easy transportation and usage, while the simple, yet bold colors are sure to go with any of the amazing apparel you gift him with.

While he walks from class to class, have your son looking stylish in this trendy Italian wool blend bomber jacket. It will make for some amazing layering opportunities, even though you might have to show him how to do it.

Have your son looking presentable, and feeling comfortable in these sturdy, lug sole boot with a touch of broguing. He’ll be chucking his chucks to the side, and lacing up these easily transformable boots.

Nintendo Switch
Price: $299.00

If you think your son is not a serious gamer while he is hitting the books, you are sadly mistaken. Give him the gift of the most coveted technological item this Christmas since the IPhone XS made its debut. Being a full gaming system to share with friends, as well as a hand held one when he’s on the go, your son will be feeling like a kid again. Especially if you gift him his favorite childhood games to go with it.

Winter is coming, and if your teenager is like all the rest, he is still trying to wear short sleeve shirts outside. Keep him nice and toasty in this chic funnel neck sweater. The subtle zip closure and, wool blend fabric will have him thanking you all season long.

Intricate turquoise detailing on light brown leather will have your son so mesmerized with this watch, he’ll have to be on time for all of his classes and meetings. The bright white face and gold numbering on the watch face will make for a holiday gift he can carry with him always.

This may look silly, but hear us out. This is a college essential for starters. However I can tell you from experience that college men do not know that they need to clean their microwave, so the one you got him freshman year is probably on its last legs. The Stainless steel makes this gift easy to clean, and sturdy enough to handle anything your son will throw at it.

Casual, simple, and easy to wear is your son’s middle name. That’s why these gorgeous leather ankle boots with goring panels on each side are sure to be a wardrobe staple.

Every man needs a simple black belt. Though the price tag on this one is particularly high, he is sure to keep it safe for years to come. The high quality leather will allow for as much wear as he would like, and the Ferragamo logo is sure to elevate every look it is paired with.

As your son gets older, he is going to require more fashion forward items as to help him transition from being a college student, into a full fledged working man. Help him start that metamorphosis with this rich cashmere blended overcoat. As a great fusion of form and function, this fashion forward coat adorned simply with black buttons is sure to have him feeling like the grown up you want him to be.

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