You have clearly survived parents’ weekend and you’re probably bracing yourself for having those college kids back from vacation.  But it is never too late for some advice on surviving the empty nest. We love this 2106 article from Lou Hamilton at on surviving the empty nest because it is different from the usual- and a bit irreverent (while still offering some great advice.)

Here’s #2:  “Give yourself a well-earned break. But don’t frame it like that. ND will respond as if you have been trying to get rid of them for years. Of course you loved having them, serving them, doting on them, saving them, nursing them, feeding them, “encouraging” homework, wiping tears, bottoms, muddy footprints. It’s just that after two decades of all that it’s fair to say you could do with a bit of a holiday/darkened room with fizz on tap.”

And this is not even the best one!  Read more here


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