When buying a gift for a friend or loved one, it will always mean more when thought has been put into it, rather than simply picking up the first thing you find and thinking ‘that will do.’ So forget your everyday jumpers, socks and toiletries and think outside the box next time you are gift shopping.

To help you out of that box, here are ten gift ideas for different occasions that you won’t have thought of and therefore the recipient won’t be expecting:

  1. Any Occasion – Can’t think of one perfect gift to get your loved one for their special occasion? Then don’t just get one! GlitterGiftBaskets allow you to give a bundle of gifts to the lucky recipient. These can be filled with anything from wine and chocolate to spa gifts and jewelry.
  1. Birthday – The gift of an experience will create memories that will last a lifetime. Whether it is skydiving or breakfast with a jungle cat, they won’t be forgetting this present anytime soon!
  1. For the Kids – Make your child the star of their nighttime read with a personalized storybook!
  1. Father’s Day – Is the recipient of your gift a history buff who can’t get enough of all things from the past? Then travel back in time (kind of, obviously!) and go for a meal with a twist! The Medieval Dinner and Tournament serves up a four-course banquet whilst you cheer on knights competing in the joust!
  1. Mother’s Day – Jewelry is always a good gift, especially when it comes from the kids. But a necklace emblazoned with ‘Mom’ isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. So why not mix it up by giving a traditional present with a fresh and unique idea? Let the kids design the jewelry, with bracelets, rings, necklaces and more inspired by their drawings!
  1. Baby Shower – A unique ‘gift voucher’ for Mom. We all know that what new Moms need more than anything is time! So rather than add to their overflowing pile of nappies and baby wipes, why not get them something they really need and won’t be expecting? A handmade gift voucher that offers your services – ‘5 hours of ironing’ – for example, is the best gift you can give a new Mom who has far more important things on her mind than the ever-growing pile of ironing!
  1. Wedding – Purchasing a wedding gift can be difficult. You don’t want to get the newlyweds their 10th ‘Wedding’ emblazoned photo album, nor do you want to get them yet another dinner set! How about the next time a wedding invitation drops through the letterbox, you get the happy couple some pre-wedding dance lessons? We all know most men have two left feet when it comes to dancing, so your gift to them; the perfect first dance!
  1. Christmas – This winter get a gift that is for ‘the whole year,’ not just for Christmas. There are so many options for subscriptions these days that these can be monthly deliveries of food, drink or fashion to name a few.
    It really will be a gift that keeps on giving!
  1. Easter –Instead of chocolate, why not purchase a gift that can change the world next Easter? This could either be a charitable donation that is close to the recipient’s heart and made in their name, or a gift that will donate part of the proceeds to charity.
  1. Valentine’s Day – How about a twist on last year’s flowers and chocolates! Replace the chocolates with a ‘masterclass’ where you and your partner can make the chocolate for yourself and replace the flowers with a bouquet of cupcakes. Not only do they look beautiful, they taste delicious as well!


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