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Felice Shapiro, Founder and Publisher

bad ass goalsFelice Shapiro has been an entrepreneur in publishing for her entire career. She grew her multi-title parenting magazine group (Family Publishing Group) and sold it to a conglomerate in London (UAP).  As Founder/Publisher of this on-line magazine, BetterAfter50.com (BA50), she has created a platform for women at mid-life and publishes work around topics relevant to mid-lifers as they enter their next phase.  Her personal journey has given her writing a focus on reinvention and figuring out next acts. Felice writes on fashion, health, goal setting and What’s Next.  Felice also teachers Entrepreneurship at Tufts University. She and her fabulous husband Bill split their time between Boston and New York. She loves to spend time with her BA50s sharing conversation while running, hiking, skiing, and after yoga. She is the proud mother of 2 boys.

Felice is available to give talks on “Reinvention” and “Creating Your Start-Up/Getting Started” and “Life After 50”
Felice and her business partner Ronna will bring humor and inspiration to your next group or conference.
For speaking inquires please email: editor@betterafter50.com


Ronna Benjamin, Managing Editor

Ronna BenjaminAbout the time Ronna Benjamin turned 50, she had an epiphany. After 28 years of practicing law, she realized she didn’t want to be a real estate attorney, and jumped into the world of writing. She never looked back. Ronna writes humorously about the things BA50s are concerned about: adult children, aging parents, illness, anxiety and insomnia, to name a few. Ronna is thrilled to be working with the awesome women at BetterAfter50. She is a native Bostonian and loves to spend time with her wonderful husband and three adult children. She also loves to cook, sail, ski, run and bike.


Mindy Trotta, Contributing Editor

Mindy TrottaMindy Trotta spent many years as an editor behind a desk, and then switched to working behind the oven as a pastry chef. She is the owner of Flour Girl Desserts Company. She is a native New Yorker/Californian, who is now living in Cambridge and loves working with the great women at BetterAfter50.


Jennifer Winslow, Web Development

Jen Winslow - Boston Web DevelopmentJen Winslow is a person who wears many hats including those of web designer, sign-maker, relaxation/meditation-in-movement teacher among others. She runs her own small business, Begamyte Laboratories, which is the roof under which her varied projects live and grow. Jen is thrilled and honored to be working with such an amazing team to create the Better After 50 online magazine and community.

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  1. Marjon
    April 11, 2015 at 4:52 am


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  2. Jewell Polite
    May 26, 2015 at 8:56 pm

    Thank you for embracing a tradional transional period for women 40 and beyond. I am turning 50 next month and have these topics certainly made me feel inspired about my age what to look forward to. With providing available information that is necessary for women of a certain age group.

    Thanks again,
    Ms. 50

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