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In Health Law, A Boon for Diet Clinics

“Thanks to a provision in the federal health care law insurers are no required to pay for nutrition and obesity screening.” A much larger issue is whether these clinics are capitalizing on this, while not adequately taking care of the patient.   From the New York Times: In Health Law, A Boon for Diet Clinics

With Summer Sun Comes Signs of Danger

“With summer sun shining brightly across the United States (at least on most days), there is no better time to review the latest sobering findings on the damage that ultraviolet radiation can inflict on one’s skin and then take steps to prevent it.”   From the New York Times: With Summer Sun Comes Danger

Sitting Down All the Time Is Making Us More Anxious, Study Suggests

“Sitting down for long periods of time and engaging in less-than-social behavior such as working at a computer, watching television, and playing video games could lead to an increased risk of anxiety, according to the first systematic review of research into the association between sedentary behavior and anxiety.”   From Sitting Down All the…