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25 Is the New 21

Many years ago, kids were considered (and treated like) adults when they turned 18. The point at which today’s parents can finally say their children are self-sufficient has passed the 18 “mile” mark, and is even passing 21.   From The Atlantic: 25 Is the New 21  

Slouching Towards Not Slouching

Your mama always said it: “Stand up straight!” And as the years went by, we’ve become worse and worse at pulling our shoulders back and defying the downward pull of gravity. Can gadgets do what mom couldn’t?   From the Atlantic: Slouching Towards Not Slouching

The Woman’s Heart Attack

You know the way a typical “Hollywood Heart Attack” looks? Well, women’s heart attacks don’t look anything like that, so read this article. It could save your life.   From the New York TImes: A Woman’s Heart Attack

Sit Less, Live Longer?

Here’s some news even straphangers will enjoy. (For those of you who don’t know what a straphanger is, ask someone who commutes from the suburbs into the city each day…on crowded buses and trains.) Sitting less, and even just standing still will help you live longer.   From the New York Times: Sit Less, Live…