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Beyond “Get Well Soon” — Empathy Cards

Sending a “Get Well Soon” card to someone who’s recently been diagnosed with cancer or another illness may seem like a good idea, but the sentiment it expresses can seem very empty to the recipient. Enter “Empathy Cards,” — cards that say just the right thing, without being sappy and unintentionally hollow.   From the…

The Zen of Adult Coloring Books

Adult coloring books, that is, coloring books for adults, not coloring books with x-rated pics, are becoming the rage. Lots of people who pooh-poohed them in their infancy are finding that coloring is relaxing and finishing a relatively simple project in a short amount of time is quite satisfying.   From The Atlantic: The Zen…

Where Are All the Old People In Silicon Valley?

The Baby Boomer demographic is pitifully represented in the technology world and no one seems to notice…or care. The younger guys don’t see the value in differing perspectives, experience, and intelligence. Perhaps they’ll smarten up when they realize, we’ve got all the money/   From Where Are All the Old People In Silicon Valley?

Could Depression Be Caused By An Infection?

“While Western medicine practitioners tend to focus on the psychological symptoms of depression, in many non-Western cultures, patients who would qualify for a depression diagnosis report primarily physical symptoms, in part because of the stigmatization of mental illness.”   From NPR: Could Depression Be Caused By An Infection?