BA50 Looks at the News

Baby Boomers Staying on the Job Longer

Forget about the gold watch and retirement party just yet. studies have shown that older (that is, Baby Boomer) workers are staying on the job longer and thus retiring later. Financial issues, or course, and the fact that we are living longer are some of the reasons why.   From the Examiner: Baby Boomers Staying…

Lost in Transition After Cancer

Being told you have successfully “beaten” cancer sounds to many like an opportunity to start anew. But there are just as many who find their lives “after cancer” to be wrought with financial and emotional problems.   From the New York Times: Lost in Transition After Cancer

When Fatigue Boosts Creativity

Studies have shown that getting all your “thinking tasks” done while you’re wide-eyed and bushy-tailed is not necessarily a good thing. Some tasks, such as brainstorming, require people to think outside the box, and that’s what they do when they are a little bit “out of it.”   From The Atlantic: When Fatigue Boosts Creativity

Heart Attack Risk Rises After Anger Outbursts

All those films featuring people collapsing in a heap after having a HUGE hissy fit may not be going overboard. A recent study has found that “in the 2 hours following an outburst of anger, there is a higher risk of heart attack, stroke or other cardiovascular event.”   From Heart Attack Risk Rises…

Ageism Be Damned

Barbara Beskind went after her dream job, and she finally got it. That probably wouldn’t be a major story if she hadn’t been trying for 80 years…she’s 91 now. If that’s not motivation for us “youngsters,” we don’t know what is.   From Ageism Be Damned

When Grief Won’t Relent

It generally takes six months to overcome grief in such a manner that enables one to resume a normal routine of life. When the impact is more devastating and totally disrupts your entire existence for longer periods, that is a phenomenon known as “complicated grief.” Untreated, it can result in prolonged sleep disturbance, substance abuse, suicidal…