BA50 Looks at the News

How Medicare Penalizes Hospitals For Being Too Careful

“Medicare is reducing a year’s worth of payments to 758 hospitals, including some of the most prestigious teaching hospitals in the country, with the highest rates of infections and other potentially avoidable complications, including blood clots after surgery, bed sores, hip fractures and sepsis.”   From the New York Times: How Medicare Penalizes Hospitals For…

The Middle Age Surge

“‘In fact, there is almost no hard evidence for midlife crisis at all, other than a few small pilot studies conducted decades ago,’ Barbara Bradley Hagerty writes in her new book, ‘Life Reimagined.’ The vast bulk of the research shows that there may be a pause, or a shifting of gears in the 40s or…

Mind-Based Therapies May Ease Lower Back Pain

“The technique, called mindfulness-based stress reduction, involves a combination of meditation, body awareness and yoga, and focuses on increasing awareness and acceptance of one’s experiences, whether they involve physical discomfort or emotional pain.”   From the New York Times: Mind-Based Therapies May Ease Lower Back Pain