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Each week we will highlight our readers favorite recipes vetted by team BA50. Please Click below to submit a brief description of what you love about your recipe, where you found it or if you invented it — no more than 200 words, your website link if you have one, the recipe itself of course and please upload a photo (optional). Click below to submit. Thank you.


Our Latest Recipes

A Low Cal Latke Option For Hanukkah?


It is the smell and the taste of Hanukkah!  Potato latkes frying in oil!   But at an average of 100 calories per latke, a few of these at your Hanukkah party will blow your diet clear out of the water! Cooking innovation to the rescue!  Have you heard about cauliflower latkes?  There are a bunch…

Pie Crust That’s “Easy As Pie”

Pie Crust how to

If the thought of making your own pie crust sends you into a tizzy, we say read on…This my very well be the year that you finally tackle pie crust, and with Chef’s Last Diet’s Chef Nancy Lowell’s assiduous tips, you’ll wonder why it took you so long . Thanksgiving is undoubtedly a pie holiday,…

Moscow Mule BA50’s Fav Summer Cocktail 2015

Ingredients: 1 1/2 ounces vodka Wedge of lime Cold ginger beer, like Gosling’s or Barritt’s Instructions: Pour the vodka into a copper mug or an iced glass. Squeeze the lime over the vodka, and drop the wedge into the mug. Fill the glass with the ginger beer.   Refreshing summer cocktail is all the rage. But you’ve got to…

Green Tea Watermelon Smoothie

Detox Smoothie from Anu of

Delicious, healthy, and totally refreshing. This Detox Smoothie from Anu of is perfect for summer.   Serves: 2Ingredients:green tea bags- 2chilled watermelon, roughly chopped – 2 cupswater- 1 cuphoney – 1½ tbsplemon juice – 1 tspice cubesInstructions:Bring water to boil, pour over tea bags and steep for about 4 minutes.Squeeze and remove tea bags, chill…

A Crab Cakes Story

Crab Cakes by Nancy Lowell

Chef Nancy Lowell writes about crabmeat and shares her recipe for crab cakes, an “iconic” summer dish. It’s summer and crab cakes are an iconic summer dish, so off I went to buy some crabmeat and share the recipe with you. The first store I went to had crab in a can in the fish…