Vicki Hoefle

Vicki Hoefle

A master storyteller who is part comedian, part sage, mostly parent, Vicki Hoefle shows parents how to strengthen and enhance the parent-child relationship.

As the creator of the Parenting On Track™ Program, Vicki has been an in-demand Professional Parent Educator and Presenter for the past 20 years. After years of study and everyday practice, she is an expert in Adlerian Psychology, a ground-breaking theory developed by Alfred Adler.

As the mother of five teenagers, Vicki has firsthand knowledge of what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to creating strong, healthy relationships with children.

Raising children is perhaps the most complex, challenging task parents will ever face—and, with the right guidance, the most rewarding. While it’s true that much about parenting relies on instinct, there is information available that can help every parent, parent from their best.

The Holidays with Teens


This is the week that defines the holidays for us. It’s a time to celebrate life with children, who are more adult than anything else. It’s my time to dive into each of them and to re-establish contact in a new and meaningful way. Let’s face it, they aren’t the same people they were last year at this time.