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Tricia Rose Burt Tricia grew up in the South, where she was strongly encouraged to pursue business, marry a Southerner, raise children, and live below the Mason Dixon line. Attempts to lead that life backfired. She is now a writer, performer, and artist, and lives in New England. She did get married, but her husband is from Ireland. They have a dog.

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Real People Are Better Than Siri

January 14, 2014
real people are better than siri

Then I remembered my new iPhone has a navigation function, which of course I have no idea how to use.
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A Family Tradition Survives Despite It All

December 19, 2013
a christmas tradition survives

When I turn 16, my family entered into the throws of a social scandal that rocked my hometown.
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Sandra Bullock’s Sensible Space Underwear

December 13, 2013

One summer night back in 1979, I went to see the movie "Alien" with my brother and some of his friends. More than 30 years later, I am still recovering.
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Remembering Who We Are

October 9, 2012
Remembering Who We Are

I have had this big personality since I was a little girl, probably since the womb.
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Battling My Wardrobe

September 4, 2012

Finding my authentic self is hard; dressing it is exhausting. Tricia Rose Burt Featured Speaker at SHE DID IT/Boston Coming Nov. 13th.
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