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Sharon Greenthal Sharon Greenthal is a former stay-at-home mom, blogging about life as she sees it from the empty nest. She lives in Orange County, CA with her husband Peter and their perfect dog, Lambeau.

Sharon blogs at Empty House, Full Mind:

Why I Love “Girls”…at 51

March 5, 2013
Girls lena dunham baby boomer

I remember the pull between the desire to be footloose and the deep, primal need for human connection
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Five Hundred Lunches And Counting

October 9, 2012
500 Lunches and Counting

Of course we all knew this day was coming, when one of our children would get married…and I do mean “our” children...
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May 22, 2012
Commencement by Sharon Greethal

I will see her graduate tomorrow. She will wear her cap and gown and join thousands of others like her, ready or not, heading out into the world.
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A Child of Divorce – at 49

May 8, 2012
child of divorce

Even though I came to terms with my parents divorce, a teeny, tiny part of me always hoped they would be together again.
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My Weekly Lunch Date

March 27, 2012
lunching ladies

I’ve been having lunch with the same three women nearly every week for the past 12-15 years, depending on which of us you ask.
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Why Do You Need Pinterest and Twitter?

March 13, 2012
Why You Need Pinterest and Twitter

Social media has become an integral part of the way we communicate.
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Hibernate to Rejuvenate

March 6, 2012

Inevitably, there are days that aren’t good, no matter what I do.
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Size 12 and Beautiful

January 31, 2012
plus sized model katya zharkova

And I hope that any young woman who sees this picture will look at herself and see someone lovely, too.
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The Guilty Pleasures of Shopping

January 17, 2012
indulge in shopping

Today, I indulged myself in my guiltiest of pleasures. I planned for days to enjoy my hours of pure, unfettered enjoyment.....
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