Rosemary Anzalone Bartolik Contributor

Rosemary Anzalone Bartolik Rosemary Anzalone Bartolik is a former journalist, who now works as a freelance writer. A mom and an empty nester, she is proud to be 50-something, and is happy to join the party at Better After 50. After all, we have lived this long so it is time to celebrate!

Acupuncture for Menopause

January 22, 2013
acupuncture needles menopause boomers

Let the Qi Flow.
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Olive Oil — A Sexual Aid?

July 3, 2012
Olive Oil Elixer

Dr. Oz was doing a show about the change of life and an OB GYN offered her advice on what to do if things down there were not in the same condition as they used to be.
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