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Patricia Boswell Patricia Boswell works as psychotherapist and lives into the questions of life; with the hope of understanding some of life’s mysteries, or perhaps just herself, if only for a moment. Relationships fascinate her, empowering women is her passion and falling in love often is imperative. You may find her on her blog or her website a

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This Stranger Shifted My World View

November 26, 2013
changing worldviews

I have touched strangers before but usually it is by accident.
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I Want It All

July 3, 2013
i want it all

"Maybe when we look out for ourselves, trust what we want, we are happier."
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Going Through Mom’s Jewelry

January 16, 2013
Mom's Jewelry - Charm Bracelet

As she accessorized she would tell me, “Someday this will be yours,”
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Holiday Story X-pectations

December 11, 2012
Holiday Story

But so it goes with divorces and re-marriages. I told myself I had better get used to it.
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War on Women

November 6, 2012

This “war on women” needs a voluntary draft of Baby Daddies stepping up to the bassinets...
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Mother Daughter Tattoos

June 19, 2012
mother daughter tattoos

He “invites” me to the “tattoo chair.” Because of where I want my “art” he directs me to get into the chair face first, allowing my ass to rise into the air for easy access.
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Leaving My Marriage Of 23 Years

March 13, 2012
Leaving my Marriage

I spent many Friday nights on my couch with a bottle of red wine, steamed shrimp, homemade hot sauce, a chocolate eclair...
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It’s All About Me — My Plan

January 24, 2012
all about me image

After planning, preparing and executing my family’s thirty-first Christmas, I am tired. Very tired and a bit ornery.My New Years resolution is to practice self centeredness.
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