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Mindy Trotta Mindy Trotta spent many years as an editor behind a desk, and then switched to working behind the oven as a pastry chef. She is the owner of Flour Girl Desserts Company. Her blog, "Relocation: The Blog," chronicles her life and love of food.

Web Site: http://betterafter50.com

Marathon Monday — The Importance of Having A Cheering Squad

April 21, 2014
Boston Marathon Cheerleaders

There is a time and place for solitude, but in Boston, on Marathon Monday, all bets will be off. There will be no opportunity to wax poetic internally, the noise in your head will not stand a chance competing with the ambient noise.
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Valentine’s Day Playlist for Boomers

February 14, 2014
Valentine's Day Songs

When love is in the air, there's nothing like a love song to take those romantic feelings and drive them right to your heart.
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Baby Boomer TV Quiz

February 1, 2014
TV quiz

If you are really a Boomer, you should get 100% right!
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Why I Missed Meryl at the Golden Globes

January 13, 2014

Even the ultimate in hip and cool, U2's over-50 Bono, was there to pick up an award and show the world that we BA50s can still rock and roll...and rule.
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BA50′s Holiday Cookbook Gift Guide

December 20, 2013

Here's a list of BA50's favorite cookbooks for 2013.
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My Mom’s Fur Coat

December 18, 2013
My mom's fur coat

How could I get rid of something that represented my mother’s battle cry of defiance?
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Great Stocking Stuffers Gift Guide

December 7, 2013
Christmas Stockings

Some great ideas to stuff your stockings!
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Best Holiday Gifts For Women Over 50

November 29, 2013
pink scooter

BA50‘s editors have scoured the Internet, specialty stores...and our crowded little minds to find some more great gift ideas.
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A Friend for Laughs…and Life

November 20, 2013
friends laughing together, friends for life

It was in Marion’s house that we girls had our first drink (Harvey’s Bristol Cream--it was the only thing we could find)--our first cigarette....
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Great Holiday Gifts For 50 Year Olds

November 19, 2013
menopause survival kit

BA50s deserve gifts too!
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Great Holiday Gifts for Elderly Parents

November 15, 2013

Here's a great gift guide for your elderly parents or relatives.
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Great Holiday Gifts For Adult Children

November 13, 2013
gifts for adult children

There's no time like the present to start putting a shopping list together.
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Best Thanksgiving Table Settings From Pinterest

November 12, 2013
thanksgiving centerpiece

The most popular Thanksgiving table settings from our Pinterest "Thanksgiving Everything" board.
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The Best Home Renovation/Decorating Resources

October 22, 2013
home decorating ideas

Whether you live in a home where the buffalo roam...or in Buffalo, the best advice is just a click away.
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Surviving Relocation, Year One

October 16, 2013
surviving relocation

“Shock, anger, anxiety, sadness, fear, confusion, and disorientation are a few of the common emotions felt by new movers.”
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BA50 At the Movies: Enough Said

September 30, 2013
gandolfini/louis dreyfus film

Go see this film...and don’t forget your tissues.
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Letting Go

August 31, 2013
letting go

It's the old tug of war, that push and pull of emotions...wanting them to come back, not wanting them to come back, wanting them to want to come back, but hoping they don't really need to.
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Hip and Sassy Birthday Gifts for Women 50 and Over

August 14, 2013
bugatti toaster

BA50‘s editors have scoured the Internet, specialty stores...and our crowded little minds to find some more great gift ideas.
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Slice Of Life On An Elevator

August 9, 2013
funny elevator

My building is really a microcosm of a town...albeit an international one, and quite often I get a crash course in foreign language by the time I get to the lobby.
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Best Tech Gifts for BA50s

July 9, 2013
techie gifts

We've done the research, but you do the buying!
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