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Marjorie Siegel Lyons Marjorie Siegel Lyons is an insurance broker for work and an enthusiastic cook/hostess for play. Her husband and three adult daughters have long been the beneficiaries of her passion for all things culinary. When she is not in the kitchen, she can be found on the golf course, in a spin studio or taking long walks with her dear friends.

Secrets: Should You Tell Your Spouse?

March 4, 2014
secrets, telling your spouse a secret

When a friend tells you a secret - I mean a big juicy secret that makes your eyes pop out of your head….do you tell your spouse?
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A Eulogy to Loehmann’s

January 17, 2014

There's been a death in the family. Oh no, thank goodness, not that kind of death, but a real loss nonetheless, and for the millions of hardcore Loehmann's shoppers, you know what I mean.
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Silver Linings Flu

February 26, 2013
Silver Linings

Yes, I did lose an entire vacation, but the weight I lost along with it is definitely my silver lining.
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True Confessions of a Hostess

July 24, 2012
confessons of a hostess

Your guests will ooh and aah about how awesome it looks - and tastes - as you demurely say thank you and offer that, well, it was nothing....
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