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Lynne Spreen Lynne Morgan Spreen doesn’t plan to fight the aging process. Instead, she’s on a mission to discover the power and wisdom of the second half, wrap it up in a beautiful package and present it to you here at BA50. Lynne is also a webmaster, teaches blogging and social media classes, and on a personal note, finds herself sandwiched between her elderly mom and her grandbabies. Her novel, Dakota Blues, is a story of midlife re-empowerment, and will be published this spring. You can find her musings at, @LynneSpreen, and on YouTube.

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A Contemplation on Mortality

September 15, 2013
contemplating mortality

What’s your strategy for dealing with this?
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Why Didn’t I Forgive Him Sooner?

December 25, 2012
Why Didnt I Forgive Him Sooner

Even into my late forties I had nightmares about punching him in the face
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Your Middle-Aged Brain: Good News!

December 18, 2012
Your Middle Age Brain

The older brain is gearing up, not slowing down.
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Death With Dignity — Like Dudley

October 29, 2012
Why Can't We Die Like Dudley?

I think I’d rather get the blue juice... Wheel me close to the window, hook me up to the morphine, and adios, muchachos.
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Boomer Men Share Housework

June 12, 2012

Those Boomer men grew up. Now they’re at or near retirement age, and there’s a change afoot. Have you noticed?
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This Is What Sixty Looks Like

April 10, 2012
this is what 60 looks like

When people say I look good for my age I feel like I’ve been given an illicit prize. It’s a race I’m not running. I don’t deserve acclaim.
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Finding Friends in Middle-Age

March 20, 2012
Finding Friends in Middle Age

You spent your life working and now, God willing, you’re looking at retirement. You’ll have time, glorious time!
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