Lori Ann Lothian Contributor

Lori Ann Lothian Lori Ann Lothian is the creator of the popular, The Estrogen Diaries blog, where she reports from the front lines of menopause on topics of sex, love and libido—because menopause is not a disease, it's a rite of passage. When she is not busy writing about midlife love and sex for elephant journal, Good Men Project, Yoganonymous, Origin magazine and elsewhere, you can find her on Twitter and Facebook. Lori Ann lives in Vancouver, Canada, where she has learned to transcend the rain and surrender to mega doses of vitamin D.

When He Wants Sex and You Don’t

February 9, 2013

He’s asking me in the throes of libido-dropping, vagina-drying menopause to pick up my sex drive
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Aging Gracefully?

January 18, 2013
Aging Gracefully?

I refuse to surrender to the cultural beauty imperative where wrinkles are treated like a rash and sagging skin, like leprosy.
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I Don’t Always Listen to My Vagina

December 4, 2012
Vagina Pillow Image

I admit listening to my vagina is sometimes like asking me to listen to opera—I resist
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