Leah Rubin

Leah Rubin is a St. Louis-based blogger and freelance writer. Retired from the fast lane of healthcare management, she is content to obsess over political issues and the general decline of polite society and proper grammatical usage. Although barely tall enough to ride the big roller coaster of life, she is never short on opinion or outrage, yet manages to maintain a façade of decorum and placid bourgeois stability. Rubin won the 2008 Erma Bombeck Writing Competition for her (some say) humorous essay “Legacy”. Read her blog at www.funnyisthenewyoung.com.

Nursing Home PTSD

nursing home ptsd

I had begun to see myself as the next in line. At 63, I’m not that far away from being the one in the bed or the chair, with empty eyes and unanswered pleas for help