Katie Dolan

Katie Dolan

Katie is a dog lover, conservationist, graduate student, and athlete in Larchmont, New York. She writes about animals, family, books, and daily life with Bella, her Newfoundland. See Bella’s Blog at katielangedolan.com.

Women’s Getaway to a Yurt at Tennessee Pass

tennessee yurt

In the yurt’s Guest Book, we read about previous girls’ gatherings. The Boozing Babes Book Club noted: “It snowed, it rained, the moon was full, we laughed, some snored, and we shot the bull.” Another gals’ group wrote: “Six girls in a yurt/Only one got hurt/None in a skirt/Left without dirt/And not one lost a shirt.

Mother’s Day Dog Tale

Mother's Day Dog Tale

Mom starts sobbing when I call to tell her that Blue, the not-so-small Newfoundland she’d held in her lap as a tiny puppy, is very ill. The first born of Bella’s eight-member brood, Blue is not quite a year old. Our veterinarian can’t figure out what is wrong. Blue continues to have trouble breathing and…