Judy Bolton-Fasman

Judy Bolton-Fasman Judy Bolton-Fasman blogs at www.thejudychronicles.com and is at work an a memoir called 1735 Asylum Avenue--the address of her childhood home.

Web Site: http://www.thejudychronicles.com

I Went A Little Crazy At The Car Dealership

March 18, 2014
crazy housewife

“Don’t buy a car here,” I hissed. Ken looked on with a mixture of horror and disgust.
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Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

August 19, 2013
stay at home versus working mom

The advice I would give my daughter is...to marry a partner who will fold clothes with her while watching reruns on a Sunday night with nary a complaint.
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In Praise of Single Parents

July 1, 2013
vacationing with unappreciative kids

By the end of the weekend we had had enough of one another. My children demanded that we leave the Cape a day early
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Transitioning Your College Kid Back To Home Life

June 15, 2013
college kid home for summer

Don’t make a rookie mistake and think that loving phone calls and happy Skype sessions while your child is at school will translate into a seamless transition back home
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College Tripper

April 2, 2013
keep calm college visit

Six days. Seven schools. Three colds and one case of bronchitis later ....we are through with college touring
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Seeking Help For Snoring

March 19, 2013
sleeping beauty insomnia

It was clear I’d have to go to a sleep center to get my snoring under control.
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Goodnight Old Rotary Phone

February 26, 2013
Goodnight Old Rotary Phone

Until last month, the phone number was in my family for almost half a century
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Parenting the Different Child

January 29, 2013
far from the tree parenting boomers adult children

There is no primer for what happens when the doctor sees an abnormality on the twenty week sonogram
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I’m More than a Paycheck

June 26, 2012
more than a paycheck - stay at home moms

If you notice me talking to myself while I’m driving, I’m either answering an editor’s questions or fielding a complaint from one of my mother’s caretakers on my Bluetooth.
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Medicating For Happiness

April 24, 2012
Medicating for Happiness

I gladly took the medication to have a better life.
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Thank You, Gloria Steinem

March 27, 2012
gloria steinem

A while back, my son Adam and I struck a deal. He could stay up late for a Harry Potter flick if he watched a documentary with me called, Gloria in Her Words. The “Gloria” of the title was, of course, Gloria Steinem. Gloria Steinem is what Maya Angelou calls a “shero” of mine.
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Financial Infidelity

February 21, 2012
Financial Infidelity

Like most illicit affairs, my days of overt financial infidelity are winding down. My daughter has a binding college acceptance in hand. But it seems that once you’re a shopping philanderer, you’ll always be a shopping philanderer.
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Coming to Terms with My Daughter’s Nose Ring

January 10, 2012
nose ring

The day my daughter Anna got her nose pierced, my husband Ken, remained unequivocal on the subject. He told me that, “if you had had a nose piercing when we met we wouldn’t be having this conversation today.”
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