Judy Bolton-Fasman

Judy Bolton-Fasman blogs at www.thejudychronicles.com and is at work an a memoir called 1735 Asylum Avenue--the address of her childhood home.

Thank You, Gloria Steinem

gloria steinem

A while back, my son Adam and I struck a deal. He could stay up late for a Harry Potter flick if he watched a documentary with me called, Gloria in Her Words. The “Gloria” of the title was, of course, Gloria Steinem. Gloria Steinem is what Maya Angelou calls a “shero” of mine. She…

Financial Infidelity

Financial Infidelity

Like most illicit affairs, my days of overt financial infidelity are winding down. My daughter has a binding college acceptance in hand. But it seems that once you’re a shopping philanderer, you’ll always be a shopping philanderer.