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Jeanne Muchnick Jeanne Muchnick still thinks she’s 32. Or 28. Or sometimes even 18. The writer/editor – who’s written and worked for various national magazines including Woman’s Day, Woman’s World, Good Housekeeping, Bride’s, Ladies’ Home Journal, Endless Vacation, Caribbean Travel & Life and Parents — considers herself to be the quintessential suburban mom, complete with two daughters who she embarrasses simply by breathing, a husband who doesn’t understand why there are so many beauty products in the bathroom, a lawn that forever needs tending, and a dining room tale that’s constantly topped with catalogs, mails and bills. She is a thrilled to be part of the BA50-community – despite the inner child that lives within her. For more of her snarky commentary go to

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Ten Fashion Tips Post 50

March 26, 2013
10 Fashion Tips Post 50

Admit it BA50s:  We’re often surprised when we look in the mirror.  Our bodies just aren’t the same and so the question becomes: What to wear as well as what NOT to wear? What’s “appropriate” post 50?  According to Micki Turner (, an image consultant and personal shopper based in Berkeley, CA, it doesn’t
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Skinny Cocktails

July 24, 2012
summer cocktail recipes

I’m a certain age and the pounds don’t come off as easily, I tend to stick to lower calorie drinks.
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What I Worry About: Alzheimer’s

July 17, 2012
alzheimer's fears

I’m petrified of getting Alzheimer’s. My dad died from complications from it exactly four years ago.
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Fire Up Your Libido

July 3, 2012
Sex Drive Solution

We can’t expect to have sex using the same position with the same person in the same bed for 30 years and still be excited about it.
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No Excuses: Best Ideas for Father’s Day Gifts

June 12, 2012

Buying him another gift card is a total snooze-fest. So this year, I’ve done my research.
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Best Father’s Day BBQ Recipes

June 12, 2012
Photo by Ken Goodman

Mouth watering BBQ recipes we love. So good, you may end up cooking these meals all summer long.
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Memory: Fix It Today!

June 5, 2012
Marilu Henner

You can fix your memory today -- and use it to help change your life for the better. So says Marilu Henner....
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BA50′s Summer Reading List

June 5, 2012

Long lazy summer days means digging into titles that spur our minds, wet our appetites and feed into our sexual fantasies.
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Eau De Sex

May 29, 2012

Why do women crave more sex in the summer?
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She Did It: Cooking up a Dream

May 29, 2012
Cooking up a Dream

She was standing in the chicken coop when it happened: “I think we finally got a cookbook."
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She Did It: Fun, Fabulous and Philanthropic

May 15, 2012
Blue Thong Society

The Blue Thong Society is a social club that was modeled after the Clinton Global Initiative, albeit with a dash of Junior League.
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Lunch with Oprah – I Wish!

May 8, 2012

I used to love handmade cards from my kids -- now that I'm 50 there are other things I pine for.
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Menopause: Beat The Weight Gain

April 10, 2012
muffin top picture

Hot flashes, mood swings and menopausal muffin tops—you get the picture.
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She Did It: Sleevey Wonders

April 3, 2012
Sleevey Wonders

It was during her illness that Ruthann Greenblat began pondering the subject of her arms, specifically that fleshy underarm part.
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My Aching Back!

April 3, 2012
my aching back

My posture that has suddenly drooped, putting me in physical therapy three times a week.
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Going Back to Work

March 13, 2012
Carol Fishman Cohen

A Conversation With irelaunch Co-Founder Carol Fishman Cohen
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Going Back To Work:

March 6, 2012
Back to Work

Launching a career after time spent at home isn’t always easy, but it can be done – and done successfully.
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50th Birthday — Some Great Ideas

February 28, 2012
50th Birthday Celebrations

Your 50th is a milestone worth celebrating, meaning the “gift pressure” is on.
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Juicing Part Two

February 28, 2012
juicing it up

Thinking you might try a juice cleanse but still not sure?
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Get Set for the Oscars

February 21, 2012
Meryl Streep Oscar Nominee

The good news: 50+ women rock. And thanks to this year’s crop of Oscar nominees (and Netflix), we can watch our favorite actresses over and over, celebrating their range and level of craft. The bad news: There are still — it seems – more plum actor and director positions for men 50+ than women.
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