Interesting Articles

Finding an Identity Beyond the Workplace

You would think that people have lists and lists of things they’ll do once they retire, but apparently that’s not true for everyone. Enter the Retirement Coach–someone who can help you figure out what’s next…aside from the golf course.   From the New York Times: Finding an Identity Beyond the Workplace

We Eat 92% of the Food on Our Plates

Perhaps all that admonishing our moms did about cleaning our plates really did have an effect. Studies have shown that people generally clean their plates, eating 92% of what’s on it. So if you’re counting calories, perhaps it’s time to get smaller plates.   From the Atlantic: We Eat 92% of the Food on Our…

How Tests Make Us Smarter

It doesn’t matter how old you are, no one will ever admit they like taking tests. But research has found that just reading and studying, and even rereading will not allow us to really absorb the information as well as having to retrieve it from the vast depths of our brains during a test. So…