Interesting Articles

How Tests Make Us Smarter

It doesn’t matter how old you are, no one will ever admit they like taking tests. But research has found that just reading and studying, and even rereading will not allow us to really absorb the information as well as having to retrieve it from the vast depths of our brains during a test. So…

Secrets of the Creative Brain

Why are some people more creative than others…smarter than others? Can these treasured attributes be learned? Are they a blessing or a curse? A scientist who has studied this has some answers and her findings are fascinating.   From The Atlantic: Secrets of the Creative Brain

Why Teenagers Act Crazy

Teenagers are often thought of as being the most angst-ridden, thrill-seeking, irrational group in society. Researchers have discovered why that is, and a lot of why has to do with them developmentally not having good coping skills in the face of danger.   From the New York Times: Why Teenagers Act Crazy

Gluten-Free Craze: Is It Healthy?

As the Gluten-Free sections of the supermarket get larger and larger, it is obvious that more and more people are jumping on the GF bandwagon–whether they really need to or not. And it’s got researchers wondering– unless you physically can’t process it, is going gluten-free really better for you?   From: The Wall Street Journal:…

A New Generation of “Golden Girls” Embrace Communal Living as They Get Older

Remember the “Golden Girls?” They were three older, unattached women living together under one roof, having a blast. Today’s financial climate is causing many Baby Boomers to do the same thing…and sometimes, it’s merely because they want the company.   From the Washington Post: A New Generation of “Golden Girls” Embrace Communal Living as They…

Why We Sleep Together

You can admit it, you do get a better night’s sleep when you sleep alone, but there are so many psychological attachments to sleeping with your partner, that sometimes, it’s just not worth pleasure.   From The Atlantic: Why We Sleep Together