Gwenn Masterman Snider

I am a fifty year old, mother of three who loves to tell stories. I decided to put some of these in writing and was born. I live outside of Boston but own a resort on Martha's Vineyard called the Winnetu Oceanside Resort. That is why so many of my stories so far have the Vineyard as the backdrop. I recently went back to graduate school because, I apparently like to torture myself and am in the midst of a masters program at Simmons in Gender and Cultural Studies. My Husband and I have worked together for our entire 27 years of marriage and that seems to be working pretty well! Our kids are 23, 20 and 16. My daughter just jumped out of a plane in Australia, proving that our children are not us. I also have two Bearded Collies: Theodore and Eleanor Roosevelt.

Home Is Where the Art Is

sydell man

When my mother won first prize the first time at the show at the Armory in Palm Beach, she said that she felt her mother’s hand guiding her. My grandmother, a very artistic and independent woman, would have been proud to see her success.