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Donna Highfill Donna Highfill is a blogger and humorist who also has over 25 years experience in coaching organizations and individuals through times of change. She is a motivational speaker who enjoys helping people deal with life through laughter, and has created a place where baby boomer women can meet, laugh and support each other found at

Survival For Menopausal Wild Women

July 30, 2013
menopausal crazy women

What kind of a-hole wouldn’t even get me a drink when I needed it more than heroin?
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When My Skin And I Stuck Together

June 25, 2013
sagging skin, mid life skin, skin after 50

The first time I looked at my wrinkled fingers and realized they had NOT been immersed in water, I knew it was time to let my skin grow up.
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Thanks Menopause, Now I See Dead People

June 18, 2013
crazy menopause

I Might Be Psycho.
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How to Keep Your Ass Cute At Any Age

May 31, 2013

Let's face it, at our age our asses are fighting the battle of their lives.
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50 Shades of Red

February 10, 2013
50 shades sex embarrass

My husband knows that if he tried to spank me I’d knock him unconscious
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Becoming the Menopausal Medium

January 22, 2013
menopause hot flash crazy medium

My husband looks confused and a little terrified that we will be sharing a bed for the rest of his life.
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Cloak of Invisibility

January 15, 2013
Cloak of Invisibility - Invisible Woman

I knew when a man dropped a suitcase on my head that my 50s were going to usher in some significant changes.
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AARP Boomers Have Sex – Like It or Not

January 8, 2013
AARP Boomers Have Sex-Like It or Not

Perhaps AARP can start showing half-naked older people on their cover rather than the current pictures of people in retirement
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A Toxic Cocktail: Menopause, ADD and Holidays

December 18, 2012
A Toxic Cocktail

One year, I lost baby Jesus
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