Diana Bourel

Diana Bourel

Written up in a number of publications, including London Times, Tatler, Fit Yoga, Town & Country, Coast, NY Magazine, Diana Bourel is an American-Ecuadorian healing artist, yoga educator and writer who blends East/West, indigenous and contemporary healing traditions to improve the emotional, spiritual and physical registries of her students and clients. Her content-rich programs, directions and bundling allows her to create Spa Apps, a plug-and-play way for spas to add value, content and next generation treatments and wellness events. She has a private consulting practice and runs scheduled and special-order workshops, visiting consultancies and destination retreats in Asia, Europe, North America and the Caribbean. Her “Art of Self Care” yoga and detox program is currently being hosted at the Anacaona Boutique Hotel in Anguilla (www.anacaonahotel.com).

For more information about Diana, visit her website, www.cominghome.fr, or say hi on Shree-spa’s facebook.

Embracing Your Inner Angel


It has taken me 51 years to see Frank Capra’s 1946 classic, It’s a Wonderful Life……..George wished that he had never lived. George’s angel showed him how life would have been different if that had been the case.