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Ann Green I write feature stories and personal essays in addition to my work in business/PR writing. I also tutor students of all ages to enhance their writing skills. My passions, besides writing, are my family, reading, walking, religious humor (on which I speak publically) and anything feline.

Religion And Humor: Funny You Should Ask

September 10, 2013
What's So Funny

“If it turns out there is a God,” Woody Allen once declared, “I don’t think he’s evil. I think the worst you can say about Him is that He’s an underachiever.”
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For Aggravation, Press 2

June 18, 2013
dealing with divorce in laws

I wonder if businesses pay a price for customer dissatisfaction.
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The Science of Happiness and Pets

May 14, 2013
Science of Cute

Cute stimulates the pleasure centers of the brain --- we have an instinctive reaction to adorableness.
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A Good Night’s Sleep? You Must Be Dreaming

March 19, 2013
A Good Nights Sleep - You Must Be Dreaming

I try to accept my fate as a confirmed insomniac by considering the benefits.
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Organizing To Move

January 15, 2013
Organizing to Move - Moving Boxes

I have supplied plastic boxes for everyone in the family -- nostalgia boxes
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My Career in Laughter

November 6, 2012
My Career in Laughter

My sister-in-law Susan parachuted out of an airplane after 50. My friend Marty challenged an entrenched incumbent in a run for Congress....
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The Limits of Empathy

October 9, 2012
The Limits of Empathy

Few people will really listen too long when you’re having a tough time, and few are capable of going beyond clichés.
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Ruled by Rules

October 2, 2012
Ruled by Rules

I have Fashion PTSD
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