Abby Tolchinsky and Ellie Wertheim

Ellie Wertheim Esq. and Abby Tolchinsky Esq. are the founding partners of Family Mediation LLP, offering mediation services in New York's Chelsea neighborhood and in central White Plains, in Westchester County. Abby and Ellie co-mediate and also provide consulting attorney services to individuals in mediation as well as represent individuals seeking a negotiated settlement. Services include from pre-nuptials, divorce and post-divorce settlements, al provided in a caring and professional manner, and in an informal setting. For more information, visit the Family Mediation web site:

Divorce After 50


Better after 50 can often accompany a good deal of soul-searching and taking stock on one’s life.  For some this leads to divorce, or contemplation of a divorce.  While we would never want to minimize the pain and stress associated with divorce, there are definitely distinct approaches with varying fall-outs and consequences not just to you,…