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Why advertise on is an online magazine where baby boomer women ages 50 and up engage. On, women share personal stories and commentaries about their new business launches, adventures, challenges, and observations, all heartfelt, humorous and heady. We at BA50, curate topics around life, love, health, divorce, marriage, widowhood, travel, sex, careers – the landscape is vast. Real time meet-ups for BA50s are scheduled throughout the year

We post 5-7 stories every Tuesday, roll out fresh editorial daily, publish a newsletter several times a week to our subscribers, post daily comments and links to articles & books we have curated for our BA50s, we Facebook with BA50s (over 7,800 BA50 FB Friends with over 100% engagement!), we tweet, post on pinterest and are featured 2x a week on the Huffington Post.

Our Readership:

8 MILLION Page Views in 2013  (Expected to Double in 2014)

Demographic: Women 45+, highly educated, empty-nesters, with strong consumer purchasing ability.

Over 250,000 Visitors per month

1,075,000+ Pageviews monthly (numbers started skyrocketing in April of 2013)

12,000+ newsletter subscribers

7,800+ Facebook Fans with 100% engagement!

3,500+ Twitter followers Banner Ad Sizes (and pricing examples):

Leaderboard (top of every page): 468x60px ($150/month)

Wide Skyscraper: 160x600px ($120/month)

Half Skyscraper: 160x300px ($100/month)

Newsletter Banner Ad: (468x60px) with direct link to your site ($250/week)

Sponsored Post Rate:

$395 (500 word max, plus photo)  Your article will be featured on our home page for one week, with added social media (facebook and twitter) support, and you will be named as the sponsor of one of our weekly direct mail newsletters to our 10,300 plus subscribers (as appropriate, themed Tuesday newsletter, Fashion Friday or Relationship Thursday)- with your logo, and direct link to your site.  We have the right to review all advertorial content–subject to BA50 prior approval.

BA50 Product Reviews:

$595.00  We will personally test your product and review it as a featured post including product photographs, social media publicity support.  You will own the rights to the review and can use it on your own website, publicity.

BA50 Social Media Push:

$150.00 No article necessary– just send us a few words, a great picture of your product, and a link — we will post 3x in a week to our highly engaged audience of 7,400 women over 50, and tweet about your product to our 3,500 twitter followers.  If applicable, we will also include on one of our extremely active pinterest pages!

Shop BA50 – Advertise your product:

$75 for first month (introductory rate)Submit a photo (300 x 250 px), your copy (500 word max) and coupon code or affiliate link (BA50 receives a percentage of sales).  Send photo and copy to

Gift Guide Advertising:

We will list your product on one of our BA50 gift guides for $25.00 ($50 to include a photo.)

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Featured on and our Newsletter ($150/week events only)

Ads on our websites will rotate with no more than 5 others.  For exclusive advertising (single static ad – without rotation), please email or call for rates.

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Price with web-ready advertisment supplied in .JPG, .PNG or .GIF format, no larger than 250kb file size. Animated .GIF ads under the maximum file size are accepted, but no Flash animated banners at this time please. If you require design services for your ad, this will incur an additional one-time fee for the initial design of your ad.

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