Organize Yourself Now And Reduce Stress

get organizedStress. How much time do you spend looking for an old bill, your keys or a shopping receipt for starters? Do you have piles around the house? Do you lose things? It can be mighty stressful to be rifling through your piles of stuff over and over again. What if you could find what you are looking for easily? Would this reduce your stress level?

Being disorganized is a surefire way to increase your stress level.  It means something different to each of us, and it comes out in unique ways– tossing and turning, overeating, yelling at our spouse, grinding our teeth. We all need to reduce our stress. What do you do?


1. Stress reduction is THE #1 reason to get organized.  You will feel less nuts without the clutter. You will be able to find what you need and you will have more time to do what matters the most to you.  But there are other great reasons to get organized too.

2. You have a beautiful home that you love.  However, there is this one area (or more) where there is all this stuff that needs to be dealt with: Your kids’ art projects from five years ago;  The papers related to your dad’s estate.  Clothes from last winter that don’t fit anyone anymore.  You get the picture.

3. The home-office-in-kitchen-corner from which you try to maintain control of the family schedule and your part-time business as a consultant is overrun with puzzle pieces, forms to fill out and return, unopened mail and invitations to respond to.

4. The kids have moved out and it’s time to think about what’s next. After all, this is “supposed to be” the most relaxing time in your life. Sure. What about all the stuff to deal with that belongs to lots of other people?

5. Getting organized will help you to function a lot more effectively.

6. You will save time because there will be a home for everything that you need.  And if there is not a place for it in your home it may be on its way somewhere else.

7. There will be labeled files instead of piles.  They may be labeled in crazy ways but that does not matter as the system will work for you.

8. You will save money in one of three ways.  If you know where your bills are and you pay them on time you will not have to pay late fees. You will find lots of change in lots of places and even old checks in envelopes that you can still deposit. You can donate lots of stuff and take tax deductions.

9. You will give back by recycling and donating and helping out the environment by not filling landfills with stuff that other people can benefit from or reuse.

10.You will reduce the stress that your family will feel when you are gone. If you leave organized files and systems for your loved ones to use what a great gift to them. Plus, if you got rid of all the junk that you don’t need anymore then they won’t have to do it.

A consult with Away It Goes costs $100.  This is the first step in reducing your stress. Click here to find out more:

Away It Goes is a professional organizing company that has been serving the Boston area and suburbs for 10 years.  Away It Goes won Super Service Award from Angie’s list over the past three years and  is the recipient of The Best of Boston Home in 2013.






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Debby Fenn

Debby Fenn

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