The Top Five Reasons To Use A Travel Advisor

reasons why you should use a travel advisorSo you want to plan a trip for your family or a group of friends.  You can spend hours online trying to figure out what is the best deal, the best destination, the best hotel or…you can call a travel advisor and save time, money and frustration, and have a better vacation.

Here are five reasons why calling a travel advisor is the way to go:

1.     The world is a big place.  Travel Advisors know how to direct you to the destination that fits your travel goals. A search for “Caribbean Vacation” on Google yields 122 million results.  How do you pick where to go and where to stay from all those listings?  Travel advisors know.  They’ve been there.  They have either traveled there personally or have sent people there and can draw on their experiences to explain to you the difference between various places.  Which hotels have the most divine infinity pools? Which safari camps offer the best chances of seeing the Big Five? Which resorts have the best beaches and the top children’s programs?  They have the answers.

2.     You can get better value booking through a Travel Advisor than doing it yourself.

Contrary to what many people think, travel advisors can actually save you money on your vacation travel.  The rates provided by suppliers to travel advisors for your trip are often less than even the discount travel sites.  And, they have access to benefits you don’t.  Think about it.  Travel advisors send many people to many destinations. You benefit from the relationships that they have established with hotels, cruise lines, etc.

 3.     Travel Advisors have connections that get you better treatment. 

Travel advisors have long established relationships with hotels, cruise lines, resorts, airlines and premier destinations that will work to your benefit. When you book through a travel advisor you often get VIP treatment such as room upgrades, complimentary breakfast, early check-in and late check-out, discounts on spa services, a complimentary bottle of wine or the general manager greeting you on your arrival. They can also offer amenities, experiences and access not available to the general public.

4.     Without a Travel Advisor, you are on your own.

Travel advisors are a safety net for unforeseen issues. They are your liaison with travel suppliers and will advocate on your behalf to resolve problems. They are in your corner, not just before you travel but while you are on your trip.

5.     Travel Advisors can book your airport transfers, dinner reservations, tee times, spa appointments – you name it, they can do it.  They are your personal travel concierge. Aren’t you worth it?

Bayside Travel in Larchmont, NY,, has been creating extraordinary vacation memories for over 27 years.  Contact them at 914-833-8880 or to plan your dream vacation. You can find them on Facebook here:

Do your research and see what they can do for you. 

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Barbara Nichuals

Barbara Nichuals

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  1. March 13, 2014 at 4:59 am

    I Completely agree with you, You define all 5 point very sharply.
    Thank you

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