From Granny Panties To Thongs

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We do not grow up planning for life as a widow, or the isolation that we’ll feel after losing our life companion, friend, and lover. Most of us grow up prepping for fairytale lives stocked with immortal health, and eternal love. We daydream of raising children, spoiling grandchildren, and traveling after we retire. Then, without warning, and without a back-up plan,

John Lennon said it best, “Life is what happens while we’re making other plans.”

In a collection of true stories that are relatable, and at times quite humorous, this emotionally charged book recounts the experiences of widows who sought love again. They share everything from meeting men to the first time under the sheets.  Many went on to recapture the excitement of their adolescent years.  The women interviewed, expressed how much they would have cherished having a book like this.  They are unanimous in their desire to inspire ALL women when they feel ready to get out there again.  “We want to give women permission to find a new passage, and confirm that there can be different ways to love.”   

The idea for “From Granny Panties to Thongs” was born almost 15 years ago.  Penny Burke’s father had passed away, and when she went to buy her mother a book with a positive message, she couldn’t find anything on the market that wasn’t about grieving.  The idea to write the book was shelved in the back seat of her minivan until she met Joan Dunn, just two short summers ago.  Joan had lost her own father and was helping her mother navigate through the mourning after.  Joan and Penny recognized that widows were craving a book that would empower them to seek love and romance again. 

“Penny and I are overwhelmed by the positive feedback that we’re hearing from our readers,” says Dunn.  We are getting letters from widows, divorcees, singles, and even the adult children of widows.  People tell us that they are staying up half the night to read, because they can’t put the book down. One woman said that she laughed so hard, her daughter came in the room to see what was happening.  Another woman, married for 40 years, said that she will never take her husband for granted again. Our favorite response is from a widow who was at the one year mark of her husband’s death. She said that the book renewed her energy, made her smile, and gave her hope.  There seems to be a piece of every woman in these honest and provocative stories.” 

Our brains are suddenly consumed with how desirable we will be to the opposite sex, and we pray they won’t notice our physical imperfections.  We flood the gyms, stock up on razors, shove whitening strips in our mouths, analyze our wardrobe in disgust, and begin hurling our once favorite undergarments into the trash can.  We are thrown back to the days of inexperienced adolescence.”                                                                                                                                                           

From Granny Panties to Thongs features fabulous women over 50, and it helps knock down some of the walls that stand in the way of moving forward.   The reality is – as long as we are alive – so are our libidos.

This book will touch all women.  For Mother’s Day, we hope you will consider buying it for yourself, your mom or a close friend.  The book is $16.95 and may be ordered on or

Feel free to contact the authors: Joan Dunn: and Penny Burke:

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