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105 Looks: A Makeover For Beauty E-Commerce (And You)

No longer do you have to elbow out the crowds at the cosmetics counter to get a personalized assessment of your beauty needs. Now there’s a company out there that has “techified” the department-store beauty makeover with “one-on-one Skype sessions” and personalized boxed goodies. From Fast Company: 105 Looks: A Makeover For Beauty E-Commerce (And…

The Family Doctor, Minus the M.D.

A number of clinics around the country are getting high marks for the services and care they provide for their patients. The only catch is that they are staffed, not by doctors, but by nurse practitioners. How do you feel about that? From the New York Times: The Family Doctor, Minus the M.D.

Alcoholism Twice as Deadly for Women as for Men

Researchers in German recently concluded a 14-year study on women with alcohol addiction and how they fared during that period. Among their findings was the conclusion that these women were “five times more likely to die” than women who were not addicted to alcohol. From Alcoholism twice as Deadly for Women as for Men

Poor Sleep May Lead To Too Much Stored Fat and Disease

We all lead hectic lives, and getting a good night’s sleep is often neigh on impossible. But, after reading the findings of a recent study on how a poor sleep schedule adversely affects fat cells’ ability to respond to insulin, thus causing all sorts of medical problems, finding time for more shut-eye might just become…

What your boss’s smile may be bad news

If you’ve ever thought that striving to turn your boss’s frown upside down, was a good career strategy, think again. Researchers at the University of California have found that important people tend not to smile at others who they feel are important as well. It seems that these people are thought of as being a…

Do You Measure Up?

Do You Measure Up

I decided right then and there that I had no tolerance for anyone with a ‘holier than thou’ attitude. I already knew I fell short. I didn’t need it shoved in my face.